My Theme Song

“Aside” by The Weakerthans

This song touches me every time I hear it because I feel such a strong connection to it. The line “terrified of drowning in the pools of other lives” could very well sum me up. I’m also “leaning on this broken fence between past and present tense” because I’m at the point where I’m looking back longingly at the familiar life of high school while being on the precipice of college.

It’s so incredibly important to have a song that you connect with so deeply that it’s almost scary. Maybe a year from now I’ll look back and laugh at how I was such an “angst filled teenager” for loving this song, but at the moment I couldn’t pick one better to define myself.

Put A Record On

My music collection has really swelled to impressive proportions after a recent trip to Starbucks for a music exchange with my friend Sarah (see here lounging on the ledge of Michigan’s state capitol building in Lansing).



This would seem like such a treat if I wasn’t incredibly anal about my iTunes. Cover art for every album, soundtrack music all kept in one place, no multiples of album covers because of featured artists for particular songs…the list goes on and on.



So this increase in music has really stressed me out these past few days. While I’m meticulously sorting through the music, finding cover art that’s missing amongst numerous other things, I’ve heard a lot of new music that I’m just dying to share with you. So here’s a list of songs that I’m currently really enjoying:


1.  “Magic (feat. Weezer)” by B.o.B.

2. “Hope” by Jack Johnson

3.  “Die Alone” by Ingrid Michaelson

4. “The Faster the Treadmill” by I Fight Dragons

5. “The Girl” by City and Colour


I still have a lot to go through before my iTunes is back to the way it should be. Are any of you that particular about your iTunes? Do you have something that has to be “just so”? I’d also know what you’re listening to so I can add even more music to stress over ( : 

Life’s Soundtrack

Whenever something monumental happens in my life, there’s always a song attached to it. Music plays such a dominate role in everyday life that it’s kind of shocking. Driving home from school today I was struck with a thought and it has brought me to my blog with the desire to share.

Sometimes I entertain the idea that my life is a movie. This seems to be a common thing for little girls right up there with the desire to be a Disney Channel television star. Today I began to wonder what the soundtrack to my life’s movie would be at this particular point of my existence. So I’ve come up with a list of songs that – if my life were indeed a movie – would be the background music to the film.


1.    “Daylight” by Matt & Kim

To be played as I’m walking down the sidewalk of a bustling city on an unknown, yet important mission.

2.    “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train

To blast while driving along the ocean with the top down on a summer day.

3.   “You Don’t Know Me” by Ben Folds

To create a mood during a very dramatic scene where there’s a sense of tension.

4.    “Always Like This” by Bombay Bicycle Club

To accompany a montage of images/flashbacks.


 cassette heart

 Yes. I’ve decided to end the list at four in order to break the usual Top 5 restrictions. If your life was a movie, what songs would make up the background music?