Spring/Summer Polish Picks

As I’ve said in posts past, I’ve become increasingly more obsessed with  nail polishes. That being said, my collection has grown quite a lot over the past couple of months. With spring underway and summer close behind it, I picked six of my favorite spring and summer nail polishes and filmed a video to share with you! Click the image below to watch!
nailpolish video


Outfit of the Day: Business Blacks & Whites

photo (6)


Working at the university every day has really challenged me to find outfits that are appropriate, but also wearable for the entire day of classes and other activities. I recently inherited this bird shirt from my older sister and eagerly wanted to create an outfit around it. I paired it with a long black pencil skirt (an appropriate office length).

Outfit of the Day: First Week on the Job


I’ve quickly discovered that dressing for a university job is a lot harder than anticipated. My colleagues walk a fine line between business professional and business casual, and I have yet to get my sea legs. I also go to work straight from class so trying to find an outfit that’s suitable for walking from class to class but also for a desk job is even more difficult. On my third day of work I opted for this more business-y approach by wearing grey slacks, with some sneaker-like shoes to try and dress it down.

Current Obsession: High Ballerina Buns

For the past few months I’ve really started to wear my hair in a high bun more often. I never used to do it before because I could never figure out the technique to do it and really didn’t like the messy, over-the-top high buns. If the bun is done right, it’s very neat and elegant. I like to wear high buns with nice blazers to my advertising internship. They’re really quite easy to do now that I have the hang of them, and they take very little time to do (something I seriously love).

The photo is from tumblr and is not mine