Current Obsessions: Disc Golfing

Alex and I have started disc golfing nearly every day for the past week. Before this last week I have never played! Needless to say I’m not very good. I don’t throw the disc very far and am scared of losing my bright orange disc in the woods and having to get a new one. However I can see myself improving every day. It’s also a really great way to be active and enjoy the nice weather. We have two different courses near us and my favorite location has some amazing views when you go down to the beach side!





Current Obsessions: End of January 2013

I’m trying something new for this current obsessions post. I’ve actually made a video talking about everything I’ve been obsessed with lately! Click the image below to watch the video ( :


Current Obsessions: End of November 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a current obsessions post. I’ve missed them!



1. Crafting


Alex and I have recently opened an Etsy store with all of our crafts. I’ve also been making a lot of Christmas gifts this year. It’s such a great feeling to know I MADE it rather than just bought it, you know?

2. Panera


I’m addicted to their macaroni and cheese. I’ve been going almost once a week lately. I also really love the vibe of Panera. It feels like a productive yet social hub and I can’t get enough of it.

3. Fortune Cookie Soap


I have yet to buy anything from this company, but that hasn’t stopped me from almost daily trips to their website to stare at their beautiful fortune cookie shaped soaps. I’m hoping for a holiday sale or something so I can convince myself that it’s ok for a little treat.

4. Corgis


Still obsessed. Still want one badly.

5. Christmas Decorations


The end of November marks the time of year when everyone is putting up lights and decorating Christmas trees. I love it!

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

Current Obsession: Chai Tea Lattes

If you’ve read a recent post you know I’ve been on a hunt of sorts to find a tea I like. After the first failed attempt it was pretty obvious that I needed to find something that had a really strong taste. I stumbled on chai tea lattes almost by chance.

My advanced advertising class had a client interview downtown so we all met at our usual room and walked together. We stopped by a local cafe called Brown Sugar for anyone to get a coffee or something. I had no intention of getting anything, but Logan had let me try his chai tea latte when we were exploring Ann Arbor and I figured I might as well give it a shot at this cafe.

Literally it was one of the greatest things I have ever tasted. It was creamy, hot, and reminded me of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and happiness in a cup. So delicious.

The next day I met up with Logan at Brown Sugar after a job interview he had. I bought both of us chai tea lattes just to show him how delicious Brown Sugar’s lattes were. I realize that a chai tea latte is more of a cousin to teas, but I feel quite satisfied with this amazing beverage!!

I’m hooked. I would buy one everyday if I could afford it!!

What beverage can you just not get enough of?

Photo is from tumblr and is not mine

Current Obsession: High Ballerina Buns

For the past few months I’ve really started to wear my hair in a high bun more often. I never used to do it before because I could never figure out the technique to do it and really didn’t like the messy, over-the-top high buns. If the bun is done right, it’s very neat and elegant. I like to wear high buns with nice blazers to my advertising internship. They’re really quite easy to do now that I have the hang of them, and they take very little time to do (something I seriously love).

The photo is from tumblr and is not mine

Current Obsessions: February 2012

I just love these current obsessions posts. The list is always changing!



1. Food Blogs

I’ve started following a number of food blogs on Tumblr and can’t get enough! I’m constantly reblogging photos of cupcakes and pasta. It’s amazing how beautifully food is captured in a lot of the photos.

2. Nail Polish

After buying a few China Glaze nail polishes, I’m hooked. I’ve never been one to paint my finger nails so this was a pretty drastic change for me, but I love the beautiful colors and how much painted nails add to an outfit.

3. Daily Recaps in My Life Planner

I’ve started writing short diary posts after every day in my planner and wish I would have started doing this sooner. It’s a quick way to put a little detail about what happened each day, without being a big time consuming task like writing in my diary would sometimes be.

4. Corgis

These dogs are adorable. I’m sincerely considering getting one once I have my first real home.

5. Pastel/Vintage Looking Photographs

I’m seeing this style of photo all over tumblr lately and am absolutely loving it. I’ve always been a fan for vintage photos, so I really like how modern photos can now have that vintage look.

6. Jewelry Organization

The days of the jewelry box are over. I’ve moved to using craft storage boxes to organize my jewelry and I’m incredibly happy with the results. I can see all my jewelry easily now and things don’t get tangled!

7. Blazers

I adore them. Probably my favorite type of clothing ever. They dress up any outfit and I just love how I look in them.

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

Current Obsession: A Blog I’ve Been Loving

Ever since I got sucked into Tumblr I haven’t been keeping up with actual blogs like I used to. I’m working to change that though, and have been rediscovering old blogs I used to love as well as tracking down new ones. There’s one blog in particular that I’ve been really enjoying.

(Click the image to check it out for yourself)

A fellow Greek at my campus is living and studying in Croatia for seven months. This blog is his diary of sorts about his experiences. And I’m loving it. Having done the same thing myself for when I studied abroad in England, I just can’t help but love these types of blogs. I can’t wait to see what adventures he gets into.

Current Obsessions: December 2011

I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging, and what better way than to post about the things that I’m obsessed with? Plus with the year drawing to a close it’s always interesting to see what obsessions will carry me into the new year.

All the images used were found on tumblr,, or my personal photographs!



1. Tumblr


I’ve disappeared from this blog all because of my lovely tumblr addiction. On top of my personal tumblr, I also created a Greek Life tumblr that’s been getting really good feedback. Tumblr is just easy. After a long day it’s much nicer to relax with a simple means of expression rather than forming complete thoughts and sentences!

2. My New Life Planner

It was quite the decision to change the style of planner I use, and I’m so glad I did. I don’t know what I would do without my life planner keeping track of all my responsibilities and the places I need to be. I adore my new, smaller, adorable planner!

3. Heels

I recently bought a new pair of peep-toe heels  and now I’m hooked. I’ve been doing well resisting buying every cute pair of shoes I see, but I can’t seem to shake the desire.

 4. My Kitty Tardis

I got Tardis a few months ago and he’s such a joy to come home to every day. He’s always there waiting for me when I open the door and I just love cuddling with him. Plus he’s so cute he makes any photographs I take of him amazing!

Current Obsession: Design*Sponge

I found this site over the course of various blog wanderings, and have been sucked in. One of my biggest desires in life is to have a home that I can design, decorate, and fill with things I love. This site allows my imagination to go crazy over ideas that I can incorporate into my home someday.

The great thing about Design*Sponge is the variety it has. It doesn’t just showcase the same type of designs in different homes over and over again. It allows me to create a variety of different mental designs through it’s diversity of images.

All this future home design thinking isn’t probably doing much good. I just much rather dream of the future as the present is currently very routine and cut and dry.

We all have our guilty pleasures. Mine just happens to be looking at interior designs.

Current Obsessions: 5/24/10

It’s been quite a long time since I posted about my current obsessions. A lot has happened since I rambled on about my new found love of Pictionary, and my obsessions have naturally changed with that passing of time.  




1. Stationary


I’ve always enjoyed hand-writing letters to loved ones or friends. As the school year ends and everyone starts getting ready to go their separate ways to college, I want to be able to keep in touch in a more personal way than a Facebook wall post. This way, you’re able to get a lot more personal with someone while having something really beautiful to send.


2. Flowers in Hair

This is a realitively new thing I’ve started doing, but I really do love it. With the weather getting as nice as it has been, it’s fun to embrace the season by dressing up a boring messy bun with a pretty fake flower (so it doesn’t wilt in the heat and you can use it again and again!). I’m planning on going to a store and picking out a few more to wear.


3. Vlogbrothers

Since getting interested in the Shaytards on Youtube, I’m on there practically every day. This regular usage has led me to stumble upon another channel that I love just as much as the Shaytards. The vlogbrothers are two brothers (Hank and John Green) who started their channel with a year of videos back and forth. It’s sprouted into this whole nation of Nerdfighters. It’s really hard to explain what they’re all about and how awesome they are; you’re going to have to check them out for yourself.


 4. TV on DVD

I find this one of the greatest things of all time. I’m a huge fan of television. I’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of hours of television, but what I love more than anything in the world is the ability to watch countless episodes of a show one right after the other (without any commerical interuptions). This has been an obsession of mine for quite a long time, but it’s resurfaced just recently when I discovered BBC’s Robin Hood. I’ve rediscovered my love of TV on DVD because having Robin Hood on DVD could not please me more.


5. Large Necklaces

My favorite pieces of jewelry always seem to end up being necklaces with really long chains that have something large at the end of it. That thing could be an owl, an assortment of flower pieces, or a heart; I’m really not picky. I’m not sure when this obsession began, but just recently I picked up a turtle necklace that I can’t seem to stop wearing!


With summer fast approaching, what will be your obsessions in the coming months?!