My New Obsession: Downton Abbey

Winter break has seen a number of adventures with the family and Alex, but also a lot of down time. I first watched Once Upon a Time for a while, but it barely kept my attention until the first season finale. I moved on to Downton Abbey and have been hooked ever since.


Downton Abbey, for those who aren’t aware, is set in the early 1900’s at an estate in England. The drama follows the lives of a wealthy noble family and their servants, butlers, and housemaids. And it’s absolutely brilliant.


 What’s crazy is how addicting it actually is. The way the characters’ lives interact and the drama swells and washes over each character is fascinating. It’s impossibly hard not to want to watch the next episode directly after the last one finishes. I can’t say how or why the show is so amazing. Maybe it’s the relationship between the characters. Maybe it’s watching inventions like the telephone and electricity influence the characters’ lives. I honestly have no idea. All I know is that when I’ve watched the finale episode, I will definitely go through some terrible withdrawals.

Thoughts On the New Doctor Who Companion

Please forgive me readers who are not fans of Doctor Who, I’m about to have a crazy fangirl moment.

After I returned from my internship I logged on to my various social media sites and was faced with some pretty epic news in my world: the new Doctor Who companion has been released.

Jenna-Louise Coleman. Adorable. Quirky. Not Karen Gillan. Will I ever really like anyone more than I like Amy Pond? Probably not, but Jenna seems a much more likely candidate for my affection than all the other previous companions. That’s probably largely due to the fact that she was holding an avocado when she got the news that she got the role.

There are a few not-so-great things about the release of the next companion: Rory and Amy will no longer be exploring with the Doctor, the new companion won’t be introduced until the winter, and I am now the not-so-happy owner of the knowledge that something bad is going to happen to Rory and/or Amy to cause them to no longer travel with the Doctor.

Oh freakin’ boy.

How ABC Family’s Greek is Neither an Accurate nor Inaccurate Portrayal of Greek Life

With a week until my summer class starts, my best friend in the Dominican Republic volunteering at a hospital for a few weeks, and all the people I want to hang out with in another state or even country, I’ve had a lot of downtime to fill. Netflix Instantly has been really hit and miss for me lately, but when I found ABC Family’s Greek (which I watched before I turned Greek myself), I found something to fill my time.

I found myself comparing and contrasting how the fraternities and sororities in the show compare with the Greek life I know of, and these are the similarities and differences I’ve come up with:

1. Hazing is looked on much more negatively and harshly than in the show.

2. Not all Greek organizations have giant mansions for houses, and some (like mine) don’t have a house we live in.

3. Each organization does in fact have its own unique personality.

4. Sorority girls are not all cliche pretty girls who aren’t very smart and are well-off like the show portrays them to be.

5. There’s a larger stress on Greek Unity than constant competition and rivalry between the houses.


There are probably more, and I may continue to update this list as I watch more episodes…

Your Average Everyday Love Story: Part Two

My continued addiction to Netflix Watch Instantly has caused me to stumble on a love that beats all of the other couples I have previously mentioned. BBC’s Robin Hood is now among the select few of my favorite television shows. Robin Hood and Marian’s love made me cry time and time again as I watched the three seasons in a week’s time. It’s perfect, but not to the point that it’s unrealistic. It’s really hard these days to find a love as pure as theirs, even if it’s a fictional one. Words cannot describe it; you’ll have to see for yourself.



 Not to mention Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood) is insanely attractive.



So Chuck and Blair are no longer my favorite television couple (They aren’t even together anymore!). Sadly enough Robin Hood only aired for three seasons, so at the moment I’m nursing my sad heart over the impossibility of new episodes. That’s incredibly depressing actually because less than worthy shows like Dancing with the Stars won’t stop, and shows with the greatest love of all time don’t last.

Your Average Everyday Love Story: Part One

Television plays a huge role in my day to day life. It affects me so much that sometimes, when I suddenly realize that Rory Gilmore does not actually exist, it ruins the whole rest of the day. Television has altered my life in numerous ways over the years. The most notable of its impact being my perception of love.

I’ve always paid the most attention during my television watching experiences to the couples in the shows. Yeah, I notice the relationships between the good and bad guy, but that just doesn’t seem to be enough for me. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of couples that never left a lasting impression on me. The three that have left a lasting impression have completely morphed my definition of love.


1. Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, The Office

Jim and Pam. Pam and Jim. Their love story is epic. It’s not one of those outlandish never-going-to-happen-in-a-million-years-once-in-a-lifetime stories, but just your average wonderful story of boy meets girl. The show itself does a wonderful job giving the viewer glimpses of their relationship, without the entire show being about them. It makes their relationship more real, as well as more amazing. 


2. Lorelei Gilmore and Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls

This relationship took four seasons to really take off making it much more genuine than the ones that happen right off the bat. Luke and Lorelei had their fair share of problems (a newly discovered daughter, inability to commit, etc) which takes away all the fakeness and just leaves a raw, realistic relationship between two people. I also love the fact that this isn’t a teenage love story either. Luke and Lorelei are adults with baggage trying to make it work.


3. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

 Chuck and Blair are my favorite television couple of all time. This may seem weird since they are both known for their scheming evil ways, but that’s what makes me love them so much. They’re both flawed, selfish people, yet that’s what brings them together. They are so completely perfect for each other. Whenever they’re together in an episode, I become immediately happy, and when they’re apart, I spend the whole episode rooting for them to get back together. I can’t help but love them.


Who is your perfect television couple?