My Week in Review: May 20 – May 26


Monday: I attended a day and a half conference for social media and content strategy in higher education. The name tags were these huge bulky things that felt incredibly awkward to wear. It was fun getting to meet other people who do what I do and learn that no one knows what the hell their doing with social media. After the conference I started getting pretty emotional, and made a video that you can watch here.


Tuesday: Alex loves Don Pablo’s and on Tuesdays they offer all you can eat tacos. So we stopped by his fraternity house on the way to the restaurant to see if anyone wanted to join us. We ended up gathering quite the party!


Thursday: The outfit I wore the day Alex and I suddenly realized it was a good weekend to move him out of where he was currently living. He leaves for Germany in a month and moving on now will save him $350. If you want to see a video about our moving adventure you can watch it here.


Saturday: Alex and I spent the weekend at his parents’ house. We went out to dinner with family friends and took a photo together. I love this man so much. He’s my best friend and my biggest supporter in everything I do.


365 Days of Photos: Day 110 (April 20, 2013)

photo (3)

Alex and I drove to his parent’s house to celebrate their Ukraine foreign exchange student’s 17th birthday. It was great to be able to see her have so much fun and enjoy a very American birthday party at a local bowling alley. I vlogged during the day which you can watch here.


Adventure: Good Deed Date

Over the weekend Alex and I decided we wanted to go on a date, but not just any kind of date. We’ve starting going on what we’ve entitled “Good Deed Dates” where instead of spending time or money on each other, we spend time together while doing good deeds for others. The first thing we did was attend an event called “Soup Per Bowl.” Attendees purchased handmade bowls that were then filled with soup.



Alex’s Spoken Word class was the talent for the event. He and his fellow classmates each presented a poem. The next item on the good deed date agenda was creating a care package for a friend who recently had foot surgery and has been feeling pretty down. He loves Batman so we themed the entire box around it, comic books included and everything.


We package everything up but couldn’t deliver it the same day because it just got too late.


If you’re interested in seeing more about our Good Deed Date, I made a YouTube video about the entire day. Click the image below to watch!

Good Deed Play

Everyday Organization: Cleaning Out My Parents’ Bookshelf

Today turned into a day with no solid plans to a day helping my parents clean up their den. The original focus was on my dad’s desk, but a bookshelf in the corner kept driving me crazy. Books were literally spilling from it and I found myself motivated to tidy it up as well. Pulling my parents into the room, we went through all the books and binders, throwing away a lot of unnecessary things. Now my parents have a much more organized bookshelf with room to grow with their changing interests. (I wish I would have gotten a “before” photo, but it was a very impromptu decision and I had my eyes focused on the prize.)

We ended up with seven bags of garbage and a box for the basement. (The torn up couch belongs to our dogs who have done quite a lot of damage to it.)


A lot of the books on the shelves were novels my parents have read over the years. We boxed them up to either keep for future generations or sell to a used book store.


The final product!


Is Blogging Dead?!

I’ve had this wordpress for a good number of years now and although I occasionally disappear, I’ve kept it fairly consistent. Yet in the past month or so it’s become apparent that all the blogs I used to avidly read (see my BlogRoll for examples) have stopped producing new content. Some have newest posts dating all the way back to the beginning of 2012.

So is blogging dead? Is individual people who want to share things with the world no longer expressing themselves through personal blogs? Is everyone coping out for easier outlets like Tumblr and forgoing the wonderful (at least I think so) world of writing and creating new content?

I refuse to believe this. I’ve discovered that I don’t really care one way or another if my favorite bloggers have found new hobbies. I still really love writing up posts about my life, current obsessions, etc. for anyone and everyone to read. In the end I have this blog ultimately for myself. To get things out into the world and feel like I matter in some small way.

So I won’t be going anywhere even with the blogging world decaying around me. See you next time lovely readers.