One Year Later: A Creative Timeline

Exactly one year ago I wrote a post (read it here) expressing my desire to start what I now call the “On This Day Project.” For every day of the year I wrote down something I did that day, be it going shopping with my mom, going to a concert, etc. Oftentimes I would forget about the project for a week or so at a time, so my memory and planner had to work in overtime to go back and fill in past days. I also started to get really tired of it…I lost sight of the point and it started to become tedious. But now, as I’m looking at what I wrote down exactly one year ago, it all makes sense.


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It’s so weird and wonderful to be able to look back on last year so easily. I can only imagine how cool it’s going to be to be able to see what I’ve done for the past five years or the past ten years.

New Beginnings: Re-Using Candle Jars




Once you’ve burned your candle as much as you can, stick it in the freezer for an hour or so. This will shrink the remaining wax and make it easier to break apart. Take a knife to the wax to clear it out of the jar and usually the metal pieces connected to the wicks will come out with the wax. Use hot water and soap to clean the jar and get all the stickers off the sides. Before you know it you have a cute holder! You could even decorate them as well as their lids, fill them with candy, and give them out as gifts!

Getting Crafty: Envelope Name Collage

Let me start off by saying I’ve been meaning to do this little project for two years. When I graduated from high school and had my open house, I received a pretty decent stack of graduation cards. All of which were in envelopes with my name written on them.I decided instead of throwing them away that I was save the envelopes and create something with them. Flash forward two years to today when I had a sudden burst of creative desire. I found all the envelopes and started cutting.

Once I got all of the differently written names from the envelopes I made just a small 5×7 collage of them. It was really interesting to see the varying writing styles and I got to remember graduating again. And now I have something unique to remember it by.

A Creative Timeline

During my usual wandering around tumblr I stumbled on this photo:

What an absolutely amazing idea! How cool would it be to see what you did on a particular day two years ago?! I wish I would have seen this before the start of the new year because I could have started doing this then, but it’s still a really cool project. I’m seriously considering starting it just from today because there’s no way I’m going to wait/remember it once 2013 rolls around.