Organization Inspiration

I love organization, but sometimes I just need a little inspiration to start on a new project. I’ve really been loving the site deliciouslyorganized for inspiration and ideas of future projects. This photo of bag storage has really sparked some ideas. I’ve never been able to figure out a good way to store my bags and I just love this idea!

Organizing Handbagsfrom deliciouslyorganized


Everyday Organization: Bathroom Closet Project (and Video!)

With spring just around the corner I couldn’t wait to get a jump on a “spring cleaning” of sorts. A lot of the storage spaces in my apartment have just gotten out of hand. I decided to tackle the bathroom closet first and had a blast doing it. Click the image to watch a video all about it!

bathroom closet thumbnail

Everyday Organization: Cleaning Out My Parents’ Bookshelf

Today turned into a day with no solid plans to a day helping my parents clean up their den. The original focus was on my dad’s desk, but a bookshelf in the corner kept driving me crazy. Books were literally spilling from it and I found myself motivated to tidy it up as well. Pulling my parents into the room, we went through all the books and binders, throwing away a lot of unnecessary things. Now my parents have a much more organized bookshelf with room to grow with their changing interests. (I wish I would have gotten a “before” photo, but it was a very impromptu decision and I had my eyes focused on the prize.)

We ended up with seven bags of garbage and a box for the basement. (The torn up couch belongs to our dogs who have done quite a lot of damage to it.)


A lot of the books on the shelves were novels my parents have read over the years. We boxed them up to either keep for future generations or sell to a used book store.


The final product!


Everyday Organization: Keepsake Boxes

I’ve been blessed with the ability to do a lot of traveling at a fairly young age and have acquired a lot of keepsakes from my various travels. I struggled for a long time with how to organize all my trips in a clutter-free way. For years I just keep memories in plastic bags from gift shops. Only in the past year or so did I come up with the perfect way to store all my mementos.

These are 12×12 scrapbooking boxes you can find at any craft store. I chose different patterns for each trip so as to not get myself stuck when suddenly they no longer sell the pattern I had been buying. Since my bedroom in my apartment is pretty small, I keep them all stacked on the top shelf in my closet. They’re out of the way, but I still can see them and remember the awesome adventures I’ve had.

How do you organize your trip memories??

Everyday Organization: Craft Supplies

Alex and I have been on this huge crafting kick the past few weeks and today the desire spilled over. However instead of making tons of things, I opted to collect all my crafting supplies together and get them organized so in the future it’ll be a lot easier when the crafting mood strikes. I gathered everything I had at my parents’ house and my apartment together and faced a daunting, messy task.

I managed to consolidate a lot of the supplies I have into two boxes: a three-drawer and a large tote. The three-drawer had already been organized before, so I just tidied the sections up a bit and cleared out anything that didn’t belong.

The main focus was on the remaining random scrapbooking supplies, craft scissors, knitting supplies, etc. Luckily I have a odd obsession with gathering boxes so I had plenty of smaller storage options within the larger tote.

The best part about this reorganization is seeing what I actually have. Alex and I have been brainstorming ideas for weeks, so seeing what supplies I already have makes it a lot easier to plan out future projects. Now all I have to do is label the boxes in the tote to increase the ease of finding things!

Everyday Oraganization: Daily To-Do Lists

I personally love organization, but through interactions with sorority sisters (and just people in general) I’ve started really noticing how organization just doesn’t come to most people. Lately I’ve been sharing various organization methods with sisters and friends, so I figured I should share them will all of my lovely readers as well!

The topic of this Everyday Organization post is Daily To-Do lists!!

As the name obviously suggests, daily to-do lists are just lists created each day with tasks you want to complete. I keep these lists on a pad of paper, but they can be kept on sticky notes, in a journal, or in basically any other form that works for you personally. Here are a few tips to making these to-do lists work for you:

1. Include a variety of tasks with different levels of difficulty:

If you have a list filled with time-consuming, difficult tasks, these to-do lists are going to depress the crap out of you and you’ll feel like you’re never going to complete it. Put small things on it like “email Susan about the bake sale” so you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment crossing it off and more willing to continue completing tasks.

2. Transfer important things you may have not completed to the next day’s list:

It’s really important that tasks don’t just vanish if they need to be completed. Make sure at the end of the day you transfer over tasks you may not have completed during the day but still really need to get done.

3. Check your list often:

Making a list won’t do any good if you never look at it again after you’ve finished it. Make sure you’re checking it whenever you go somewhere. It’s also good to read it over again once you cross something off to refresh yourself on what else is on the list.

4. Don’t go crazy:

Don’t put hundreds of things on the list thinking you’ll be able to complete them all. Be reasonable and that will help make these lists more of helpful reminders rather than evil lists of doom.

5. Include fun things:

People usually hate lists because they’re very depressing to look at if they’re just tons of tasks that aren’t going to be fun to do. Put something fun on there like “buy a chai tea latte” to not only make the list fun, but motivate you to complete more things once you cross it off.

The most important part is to make theses lists work for YOU. One of the biggest failures of organization is trying to use a system that doesn’t work with who you are personally. So figure out how daily to-do lists can work well with your lifestyle and happy listing!!

Are there any other organization posts you’d like to see?

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine