Spring/Summer Polish Picks

As I’ve said in posts past, I’ve become increasingly more obsessed with  nail polishes. That being said, my collection has grown quite a lot over the past couple of months. With spring underway and summer close behind it, I picked six of my favorite spring and summer nail polishes and filmed a video to share with you! Click the image below to watch!
nailpolish video


Video: What’s in My Easter Basket?!

photo (2)

I love Easter. If you’ve been with me and my blog for a while you know how utterly in love I am with the holiday. In honor of this love, I recently made a video showing you what’s in my Easter basket. Click the image or click here to watch!


Thirty-One (And a Haul Video!)

I recently hosted a Thirty-One party at my apartment and now I’m definitely hooked on the company. Thirty-One is the pure romance party of handbags and organizational totes, so needless to say someone like me can get lost in a Thirty-One catalog.



I had heard about the company when I was working as a teller at Citizen’s Bank last summer, but was hesitant to book a party. It wasn’t until I went with my sister to a party being hosted by one of her friends that I decided to commit to a date. Plus I really liked the consultant.



If you’re interested in watching a video talking all about the products I got, click on the image below!


Adventure: Good Deed Date

Over the weekend Alex and I decided we wanted to go on a date, but not just any kind of date. We’ve starting going on what we’ve entitled “Good Deed Dates” where instead of spending time or money on each other, we spend time together while doing good deeds for others. The first thing we did was attend an event called “Soup Per Bowl.” Attendees purchased handmade bowls that were then filled with soup.



Alex’s Spoken Word class was the talent for the event. He and his fellow classmates each presented a poem. The next item on the good deed date agenda was creating a care package for a friend who recently had foot surgery and has been feeling pretty down. He loves Batman so we themed the entire box around it, comic books included and everything.


We package everything up but couldn’t deliver it the same day because it just got too late.


If you’re interested in seeing more about our Good Deed Date, I made a YouTube video about the entire day. Click the image below to watch!

Good Deed Play