The Blog

I started this blog without any true theme in mind. That was probably a bad idea seeing as most how-to’s strongly encourage themes for blogs if the writer wishes it to have any success. After keeping up with this blog on and off for a year or so now, I’ve come to realize that success is a relative term that depends on what tool you use to measure it by. To me, this blog is a success because I’ve been able to sort out my thoughts, share them, and grow because of them.

So I guess I do have a theme. I’d like to think that my blog’s theme is me: my life, my experiences, my growth as a person, and my desire to find my place in the world, even if it’s a minuscule corner in cyberspace.

My hope is that you’ll take something away from this blog, even if it’s an example of how not to go about blogging.

As humans we have the need to reach out to each other, to feel connected, to feel accepted, to feel significant. I believe that one of the most important parts of living a full life is sharing it with other people, because if you don’t think your life is worth sharing with someone else, are you really living it?


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