My Week in Review: May 27 – June 2


Monday: Over the weekend I went with Alex to his parents’ house about two hours away from where we live. His parents were sweet enough to get me this 21 charm for my Pandora bracelet in honor of my impending birthday. They’ve given me all my charms so far and I’m really looking forward to them slowly filling up my bracelet over the years.


Tuesday: I had gone back home from Alex’s parents’ house on Monday night just to drive back the next day. Alex gave a speech at his old high school and he completely forgot about it until the day of. I decided to drive back to see him speak as well as to hang out with Natalie their foreign exchange student from the Ukraine. She went home this past Wednesday and I’m definitely going to miss her. To watch a video from today click here.

OOTD (4)

Wednesday: I’ve really been having a fantastic time creating new outfits and exploring my own closet. It’s easy for things to get lost or swept to the side, so it’s fun to go on an adventure and see what kind of out fit I can put together.


Thursday: Alex and I with two other friends entered a case study competition a few months ago. After a lot of work on Alex and my part to get the projects done and to make the videos, we ended up winning! Each one of us got our own iPad and they FINALLY came today!


Thursday: Needless to say I went right out and bought myself a wonderful iPad case that I completely love. Alex and I spent the evening playing with our iPads and making them perfect.OOTD___ (1)

Friday: I usually don’t work on Fridays, but this week I had to make up for not working Memorial Day. Silly me forgot that Friday is casual dress day. Oh well! I really enjoyed this outfit!


Sunday: Today I hosted my first ever Mary Kay party and had a complete blast. I purchased a few items that I’m incredibly excited to have arrive! To watch a video of today click here.


My Week in Review: May 20 – May 26


Monday: I attended a day and a half conference for social media and content strategy in higher education. The name tags were these huge bulky things that felt incredibly awkward to wear. It was fun getting to meet other people who do what I do and learn that no one knows what the hell their doing with social media. After the conference I started getting pretty emotional, and made a video that you can watch here.


Tuesday: Alex loves Don Pablo’s and on Tuesdays they offer all you can eat tacos. So we stopped by his fraternity house on the way to the restaurant to see if anyone wanted to join us. We ended up gathering quite the party!


Thursday: The outfit I wore the day Alex and I suddenly realized it was a good weekend to move him out of where he was currently living. He leaves for Germany in a month and moving on now will save him $350. If you want to see a video about our moving adventure you can watch it here.


Saturday: Alex and I spent the weekend at his parents’ house. We went out to dinner with family friends and took a photo together. I love this man so much. He’s my best friend and my biggest supporter in everything I do.

Outfit of the Day: First Week on the Job


I’ve quickly discovered that dressing for a university job is a lot harder than anticipated. My colleagues walk a fine line between business professional and business casual, and I have yet to get my sea legs. I also go to work straight from class so trying to find an outfit that’s suitable for walking from class to class but also for a desk job is even more difficult. On my third day of work I opted for this more business-y approach by wearing grey slacks, with some sneaker-like shoes to try and dress it down.

365 Days of Photos: Day 12 (January 12, 2013)

12 - Jan 12

I hosted a Thirty-One party today. I’ve never hosted a party like this before and was incredibly happy with how it turned out.


Greek Life: Greek Board

Staring at the board across from my bed I suddenly realized just how many memories have been made while I’ve been in my sorority. It’s crazy. I’m so glad I started collecting little mementos from events at the start. I think it’s important (no matter what you’re a part of) to keep pieces so you can look back and remember  different aspects of the experience. I love this board!! Plus I think it makes a really good addition to my room to add more color.

Everyday Oraganization: Daily To-Do Lists

I personally love organization, but through interactions with sorority sisters (and just people in general) I’ve started really noticing how organization just doesn’t come to most people. Lately I’ve been sharing various organization methods with sisters and friends, so I figured I should share them will all of my lovely readers as well!

The topic of this Everyday Organization post is Daily To-Do lists!!

As the name obviously suggests, daily to-do lists are just lists created each day with tasks you want to complete. I keep these lists on a pad of paper, but they can be kept on sticky notes, in a journal, or in basically any other form that works for you personally. Here are a few tips to making these to-do lists work for you:

1. Include a variety of tasks with different levels of difficulty:

If you have a list filled with time-consuming, difficult tasks, these to-do lists are going to depress the crap out of you and you’ll feel like you’re never going to complete it. Put small things on it like “email Susan about the bake sale” so you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment crossing it off and more willing to continue completing tasks.

2. Transfer important things you may have not completed to the next day’s list:

It’s really important that tasks don’t just vanish if they need to be completed. Make sure at the end of the day you transfer over tasks you may not have completed during the day but still really need to get done.

3. Check your list often:

Making a list won’t do any good if you never look at it again after you’ve finished it. Make sure you’re checking it whenever you go somewhere. It’s also good to read it over again once you cross something off to refresh yourself on what else is on the list.

4. Don’t go crazy:

Don’t put hundreds of things on the list thinking you’ll be able to complete them all. Be reasonable and that will help make these lists more of helpful reminders rather than evil lists of doom.

5. Include fun things:

People usually hate lists because they’re very depressing to look at if they’re just tons of tasks that aren’t going to be fun to do. Put something fun on there like “buy a chai tea latte” to not only make the list fun, but motivate you to complete more things once you cross it off.

The most important part is to make theses lists work for YOU. One of the biggest failures of organization is trying to use a system that doesn’t work with who you are personally. So figure out how daily to-do lists can work well with your lifestyle and happy listing!!

Are there any other organization posts you’d like to see?

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

What a Quote #4

I’ve seen the quote a few times before, but for some reason seeing it today hit me more powerfully than any time before. I, like most people, tend to worry way too much about what other people think. And if I really take the time to ponder about why that is, I can’t come up with any reasons. My life is by no means theirs, and their opinions of me don’t count for anything. It boils down to a desire to fit in, to belong, and find a group of people who are willing to put up with me. But if I’m constantly worrying about what other people think of me, I’m never going to be happy.

I’m quirky and a bit odd. Trust me, I’m not oblivious to this fact. But I’m happiest when I’m being completely myself and not caring how other people think of me. This sometimes gets really difficult when it’s people that are close to me, but if they really care about me, they’d want me to be myself. If they don’t I guess they aren’t as close to me as I had previously thought. So I’m going to work harder on being completely myself. If people decide to have negative opinions of me, then clearly they’re too busy worrying about me to think about themselves.