June Goals

If you saw my last goals post, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to start making myself accountable for the goals I set for myself. By posting them on my blog, I’m able to come back at the end of the month and discuss whether or not I accomplished them. So let’s jump right in to my goals for June!

YouTube Channel

1. Get up to 225 subscribers on my channel by creating more content that my target audience will want to see. I should also try to increase people’s awareness of my channel through posting things on Twitter as well as getting involved in beauty forums. I just discovered Beautylish.com so hopefully I can do something with that.

2. Film videos while in Traverse City with Alex and my sister.

3. Post a video at least every two days.

4. Update my channel design to the new YouTube layout (which I hate and am not looking forward to being forced to switch to).

5. Post more fashion and outfit videos

Personal Life

1. Write in my journal every day. I have yet to accomplish this and will really have to focus and remind myself.

2. Start the process of getting an apartment with Alex. So hunt for places, pick one, and get the paper work going before he leaves for Germany in July.

3. Spend the last hour or so every night away from technology. So write in my journal, read, take a bath, play with Tardis, etc.

4. Not stress to much about birthday plans and just enjoy the day.

5. Spend as much time with Alex as possible and try not to think about him leaving for two months.

Academic Life

1. Finish my two spring courses strong! Finals are at the end of June.

Work Life

1. Focus on updating the content for the website’s I’m in charge of. Try to get faculty and staff involved in deciding what our target audience is and what we’re trying to communicate to them.

2. Start planning a fall “orientation” event I came up with to get new students to the department interacting with faculty, current students, and alumni. I also want to use the event to get people more engaged in our social media.

What a busy month June will be.


Getting back to YouTube

I’ve always been very hot and cold with my YouTube channel (UnderTheMicroscope22) ever since I started it. I’ve decided to attempt a more slow approach to the channel this time to try and maintain personal interest in it. The main thing I know to keep me making videos is if I get a better video camera during Black Friday. So click the image to watch my newest YouTube video where I ramble on for a while.