Current Obsessions: 1/1/10

I know it’s been awhile. My winter break has been filled with countless days of memory making (not meant to sound corny…but it does…), so sadly Under the Microscope has taken a backseat to my reality living. Since I’ve been away from my laptop for some time, I’ve been able to find myself many new things to obsess over.




1. Pictionary


Don’t judge me for my lack of classic board game experience, but I had never played Pictionary until the boyfriend and I played while in Canada. It’s so much fun even though my drawing skills match those of a four-year-old. The boyfriend and I get very serious about this game. He has even ordered me my own; it should come in three to six weeks.



2. Vera Bradley


I’ve always loved Vera Bradley’s bags and accessories, but over the past few weeks I’ve become truly obsessed. My hunger for those beautifully colored bags has been fed thanks to the holiday season. My parents gave me an adorable lunch bag for Christmas and I treated myself to a cosmetic bag to carry my growing make- up collection. I’m sure I’ll find some obscure reason to get more.



3. New Year’s Resolutions

I’m one of those people who set resolutions with the greatest intentions, but fail every year to succeed in following them through to the end. This year, I want to pick the perfect resolution(s) that I will be able to stick with. I just haven’t came up with any yet. I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and still am unable to come up with a resolution that’s going to make it to its end. Suggestions would be appreciated.



4. “Shaytards” Videos

This family is amazing because of how completely average they are. There’s nothing glamorous about them, yet they are truly fasinating. The channel is a “daily video dairy”, so every day there’s a new video. I just love this whole concept, and wish I could be able to do the same, not with videos, but with photographs. I’m still wanting to try the “photo a day” thing, but I know it’s going to be incredibly hard to stick with it. Maybe the “photo a day” concept should be my New Year’s Resolution?


So those are my current obsessions ending 2009 and starting 2010. Leave a comment telling me about some of your current obsessions. I’d love to have something new to obsess over : )


It’s in the Bag

What someone carries around with them on a daily basis can be used in order to learn a lot about them. It’s what they find important that can give the most insight in regards to their character. I always have to have specific things with me at all times, or I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. So this is a blog-friendly spin-off of the “what’s in my purse” video that I’ve seen on YouTube from time to time.


1. BAG: I got this bag from Forever21 recently after I was shocked to discover that I’ve broken all of my other brown bags. It was just under $30 and it’s size is perfect as it’s not too large but not too small either.


2. PLANNERS: I have two planners that I use. I know it seems a bit overkill, but my school provided each student a planner this year eliminate the paper waste from hall passes (there’s a column in the planner for passes) and to encourage students to be more organized. There were good intentions behind this idea, except I already had a planner which I cannot go anywhere without. So instead of just picking one over the other, I use both.


3. IPOD HEADPHONES: I usually don’t carry my iPod around with me since I use it in my car, but I always keep the headphones with me just in case.


4. VERA BRADLEY WRISTLET: I’ve used this wristlet for years as a carrying case for my small electronics. It helps to keep the cords from getting tangled around things.


5. AUDIO RECORDER: I’ve mentioned my audlog obsession in a previous post, and the boyfriend and I are still doing them. I bring the recorder everywhere with me, because the opportunity to record in audlog can spring up at any moment.


6. BLACK PEN: I only write in cursive and black pen. Type of black pen in particular. I’ve done this for years and cannot remember when exactly this habit started, but there always has to be a pen in my bag at all times.


7. WALLET: When the hard-case wallets came out just a year or so ago, I really wanted one. I picked mine up at rue21 but you can get them just about anywhere these days. I really like the fact that the bills are kept flat so they don’t get those weird tri-folds in them.


8. CELL PHONE: This is a pretty obvious one. I like this particular phone (I’m pretty sure it’s the Voyager) because of the touch screen and keyboard, but a lot of phones these days now have those features.


9. GLASSES: I find myself wearing my glasses less and less, yet I still carry them around with me just in case I desire to see clearer.


10. SUNGLASSES: I saw these type of sunglasses on a YouTube video and fell in love with them. I got mine at Icing by Claire’s.


11. BOOK: I love reading, but I never have that much time to anymore. I always carry a book with me just in case though if I find myself with a few spare minutes to read. I’m currently reading The Starter Marriage by Kate Harrison that I picked up randomly at a used bookstore.



Leave a comment telling me what things you can’t live without in your bag/purse/backpack!!

Clothing Talks – School Outfit

How you present yourself plays a really important role in the life of a teenager in high school. More so than for adults because there are only so many things teenagers have to worry about. Unlike adults, we don’t have the stresses of taxes or a full-time job, so we tend to place a lot more stock in the way we appear. During the teenage years, a lot of self discovery occurs and clothing has a huge part in this process as well as being a valuable means of expression.

So now we are faced with the problem of time. Trying to find a perfect medium between getting enough sleep yet still having enough time to look presentable at school is quite the balancing act. This school outfit looks as if a lot of effort was put into it, but really it could be thrown on in a few minutes and you’ll be ready for the day.

Outfit #3

Winters in Michigan can be brutal, so I’ve paired skinny jeans and a knit top with a nice fleece jacket and scarf. The jacket and scarf will keep you warm, but you’ll still be able to express some style. If it doesn’t get that cold where you live, the jacket and scarf combination will still keep out the cold winds of fall. You shouldn’t have to trade personality for warmth. The burgundy shoes give the outfit a nice pop of color, but they don’t take away from the outfit.

Pair the outfit with a nice Vera Bradley bag – which I’m completely obsessed with at the moment – and you’ll be all set for a fashionable day of education. This outfit could easily be worn for just about any occasion as well which makes it absolutely perfect.