Spring/Summer Polish Picks

As I’ve said in posts past, I’ve become increasingly more obsessed with  nail polishes. That being said, my collection has grown quite a lot over the past couple of months. With spring underway and summer close behind it, I picked six of my favorite spring and summer nail polishes and filmed a video to share with you! Click the image below to watch!
nailpolish video


Current Obsessions: Disc Golfing

Alex and I have started disc golfing nearly every day for the past week. Before this last week I have never played! Needless to say I’m not very good. I don’t throw the disc very far and am scared of losing my bright orange disc in the woods and having to get a new one. However I can see myself improving every day. It’s also a really great way to be active and enjoy the nice weather. We have two different courses near us and my favorite location has some amazing views when you go down to the beach side!




In Turn: My Experiences as a Banking Intern #2

I’m almost two weeks into the program at this point and I am completely loving it. At the start of last week I attended the usual orientation sessions filled with ice-breakers and team building. Although those days weren’t necessarily fun, at the end of the week I went to the branch I will be working at to meet everyone and do observations. I seriously adore everyone at the branch. I can’t believe how nice they were to me and how willing they were to just let me into their club of sorts. By the end of the week I was gossiping with fellow employees a number of years older than me  just like I would my college friends. I didn’t want to leave but I had to go to teller training so I could learn how to actually do something while I am at the branch.

The thought of teller training terrified me when I was first informed that’s what we would be doing this first summer. Yet today marked the third day of five and I am actually really enjoying myself. I found ways to overcome my math impairment and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. There are so many little details to the process that it keeps my detail-orientated mind entertained and I find myself itching to complete transactions. I think I may be becoming a banker…

The final exam to get certified as a teller is on Friday, then back to the branch on Monday. How fast time is going; it’ll really start to feel worth it when I see that first paycheck.

In Turn: My Experiences as a Banking Intern #1

I bet you’re thinking, “I thought it you were interning for an advertising agency!?” Well my time at the agency has come to a close after I completed my 150 hours. I made a number of fantastic connections while I was there that will hopefully lead to many great opportunities in the future (like being the production coordinator on a documentary this summer and doing some modeling in the fall perhaps?! I’ll keep you posted!) I am now an intern with a bank; one of the first interns to be part of a new program that was started between the bank and the university. (Just for security’s sake I won’t name names when talking about this internship like I did with the advertising one!)

I’m a communications major with a focus in advertising and public relations, so what the heck am I doing working at a bank!? I’m still not too sure myself, but the opportunity presented itself and I wasn’t about to pass up something that could be huge for my future. So although I don’t fit the usual bank intern bill, they accepted me into the program all the same. My hope is to find a way to apply what I have been learning and am passionate about to the banking industry instead.

So needless to say my summer will be non-existent. The program lasts right up to the start of fall semester and is basically a full time (paid!!) job. This summer I’ll basically be working as a teller (we will see how that goes…) and if I do well and they want me to return for the second summer of the program I’ll be trained as a personal banker…but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Adventure: Make-Up Birthday Weekend

Cameron had to go to Grand Rapids for his three month work term, so he missed my birthday. He swore he’d make it up to me, so the first weekend in August I drove to Grand Rapids and we spent the weekend together. We explore Saugatuck and then he took me to the zoo on Sunday! I love the zoo in Grand Rapids more than any other zoo. I used to live in Grand Rapids, so when I was younger, I would spend many summer days exploring that place. I loved sharing it with him.

Adventure: New York City – Day Three (July 30, 2011)

The next morning we hopped on the subway and headed to downtown Manhattan. Today was our busiest day of activities, so we had no time to doddle around. We went to the Top of the Rock (Part of the NYC Pass) and looked at the amazing view of the city. There were only glass panels separating us from the edge of the building, and Kristy got a little skittish about it.

We made a pit stop to look at Central Station and found our way to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (also part of the NYC Pass. Seriously, if you’re going to go see NYC as a tourist, get this pass). It was nice to get out of the heat and the museum turned out to be really awesome. The figures were all to scale, and incredibly realistic. There was even a gag one of a girl taking a photo of N*SYNC that caused everyone walking through to stop and wait for her to finish taking her “picture”.


We stopped for lunch at Planet Hollywood and thanks to our NYC Pass, we got VIP treatment and were able to skip the line to get right in. At this point, we were seriously loving the Pass and all its wonderful powers over the city.

Next was the tour of NYC Studios, which turned out to be my favorite attraction of the day. There wasn’t any photography, which bummed me out, but we saw the studios where SNL and Jimmy Fallon are filmed. Our tour guides were incredibly informative and really entertaining as well.


After the tour, we went down to the shop and my wonderful mother bought me a Dunder Mifflin shirt and this amazing Doctor Who shirt that I’m now obsessed with. We had some time to waste and decided not to go back to the hotel for a break, so we scooted a few streets over to this Harry Potter exhibition. The line was absurdly long for what the exhibition turned out to be, even though it was cool to see the props from the movies. Photography also wasn’t allowed, and when it isn’t, I tend to not enjoy the museum or attraction as much as I normally would have.

Before dinner we went into the Hershey Store and the M&M store just to say we did. They were packed full of tourists and honestly didn’t have anything worth suffering the crowds for.


For dinner we went to a themed restaurant called Mars 2012. There was a fee to even go INTO the restaurant. Once we took the “space shuttle” to Mars, we were surrounded by costumed aliens in a dark, cave-like restaurant with overpriced food. An interesting place, but I doubt we would have gone if wasn’t included in our passes.

After dinner we went to see Lion King on Broadway. Of course it was fantastically amazing in all forms of wonderfulness. Such an amazing show, so true to the original story, and produced so brilliantly. We got out late at night with all of the other theatre goers, and wandered back to the subway through bustling, bright Times Square.

Adventure: Kentucky Roadtrip

This past week I went with my parents (and two dogs) to Kentucky. We stayed in a cabin in the woods with no internet and no cell phone service. Of course at the time I thought it could possibly be the end of the world, but I enjoyed spending time with my parents exploring, watching movies, and playing this very infuriating card game.

Things I Miss

Even though I love college life, there are still a few things from my past that I desperately miss.

1. Water Polo

Even though I occasionally still play on a club team my sister started at her university, it’s not the same as playing with my old team from high school (I was #22 for the five years I played). I miss everything about water polo: the girls, my coach coach, just the game in general. They have districts in a few weeks and it’s so weird to not be playing with them anymore.

2. Summer Shenanigans

The summer between junior and senior year and before college were filled with days at the park, adventures, and shenanigans. We played ultimate frisbee day in and day out. I really miss being outside so often, and with my favorite people. It’s just not the same anymore.

3. Hanging out with my sister

In the first few years of high school, my sister and I saw each other every day. We drove to school together, had swim practice together, and a myriad of other things. Now that we’re both in college doing our own separate things, I see a lot less of her. I miss hanging out with her, and when I do get the chance, it reminds me of how much fun she is and how I wish we could spend more time together. Hopefully now that it’s summer we’ll be able to more.

4. My best friends

With David at Princeton and Lauren at the University of Michigan, I don’t get to see my two best friends as much as I would like. That’s probably one of the hardest things about college: not having them around or as easily accessible. I still try and keep in touch with them, but it’s really hard with all of us being so busy.

And Then the Boredom Set In

I finished my last exam almost two hours ago, and here I sit on the futon in my apartment hanging out with my roomsies watching separate YouTube videos. I’m bored and I feel pathetic about being bored. I should be celebrating surviving another semester (hopefully keeping my GPA!) of college with my sanity, and yet I find that I’m already restless.

What did I ever do before this? All those summers during middle school and high school? I don’t recall much activity, so how did I survive without losing my mind?! It’s a good thing I’ll be off to England in a little over a week…I’ll wander FFFFound! and Design*Sponge until then.

What Am I Now?

With only one day left as a high school senior, I am no longer fit to wear that label. So what am I now? I’ve signed up to take a summer course at the university I’m going to be attending next fall, so does that make me a freshman in college? Ever since I started school, every last day of school all my friends and I would run up to one another and call each other our new labels. On the last day of elementary school, we were now middle schoolers. Does that logic still apply at the end of high school?

This uncertainty of what I am is due largely to the fact that I’m on the cusp of terrifying unknowns so at the very least I’d like to know what I am as I’m tumbling into the darkness. I don’t think I’m ready to consider myself a freshman in college, probably not until the fall semester starts enough though I will have already taken a college class.

Growing up everyone stressed and lectured about how bad labels are, but in some cases, it’s nice to know where you stand. There must be a rule or common practice that dictates what you are when you are in between things. Am I just an In-Betweener?