My Week in Review: May 20 – May 26


Monday: I attended a day and a half conference for social media and content strategy in higher education. The name tags were these huge bulky things that felt incredibly awkward to wear. It was fun getting to meet other people who do what I do and learn that no one knows what the hell their doing with social media. After the conference I started getting pretty emotional, and made a video that you can watch here.


Tuesday: Alex loves Don Pablo’s and on Tuesdays they offer all you can eat tacos. So we stopped by his fraternity house on the way to the restaurant to see if anyone wanted to join us. We ended up gathering quite the party!


Thursday: The outfit I wore the day Alex and I suddenly realized it was a good weekend to move him out of where he was currently living. He leaves for Germany in a month and moving on now will save him $350. If you want to see a video about our moving adventure you can watch it here.


Saturday: Alex and I spent the weekend at his parents’ house. We went out to dinner with family friends and took a photo together. I love this man so much. He’s my best friend and my biggest supporter in everything I do.


Adventure: Christmas 2012

The past few days have been a crazy, amazing blur filled with amazing memories with people I love. From Christmas with my family with intense games of Clue (I finally won!) to a mind-blowingly large Christmas with Alex’s family, I have been showered in love and gifts this year. I feel so blessed to have such caring people in my life. Here are some photos from the past few days as well as a video showing everything I got this year. Make sure you click the YouTube video photo to jump to the video!


The delicious homemade noodles at my family’s Christmas dinner (I’m eating leftovers right now!)


The pastry from Alex’s family’s Christmas breakfast. It tasted like a mix between a donut and apple pie.


The living room at Alex’s family’s house after Santa came to visit. The most presents I have ever seen!


The very beautiful Pandora bracelet from Alex’s unbelievably generous parents. The Christmas tree charm symbolizes my first Christmas with their family.IMG_1360

Some of the wonderful gifts I received this year. To see everything I got, be sure to click on the photo below to watch the video!

Christmas Haul

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!! I would love to hear what gifts you all received!

Adventure: Mackinac Island

Let me begin by saying that this adventure to Mackinac Island was an unexpected one. I had driven to meet up with Alex and spend a day or two with him at his parents’ house across the state. I had yet to meet his parents, and shortly after doing so they kindly invited me to go with them the next day. Although I was incredibly nervous about the ordeal I decided to take the chance and accept (I also wanted to spend more time with Alex). So off to Mackinac Island we went.

It was amazing to be able to spend time with Alex in an exciting place like Mackinac. We went on a horse drawn tour around the island and we even had dinner at the historic (and intensely expensive) Grand Hotel. The entire time we were there I just kept thinking about how unbelievably generous his parents were being to a girl they had just met.

I have been to the island a few times before, but never with a boyfriend. I have also never had the opportunity to separate from the group and go exploring. After the ridiculously fancy dinner at the Grand Hotel Alex and I laid out near the fort on the island and star gazed. I saw my first shooting star and didn’t think the trip could get any better at that point. The next day Alex and I found these trails near the Grand Hotel that we explored.

We also sat by the hotel’s fountain for quite a while just talking.

Although I had such an amazing time, the entire weekend was just a lot to take in. It was the first time meeting his family, I was unprepared mentally (and clothing wise) for a trip, and I have a lot of quirks Alex had yet to learn about me. So at times I got crabby and just needed to get away for a bit.

I feel bad about being in poor spirits a few times over the weekend now that I’m reflecting on the past few days but it is understandable considering the abnormal situation. My only hope is that I wasn’t too much of a burden on his parents and that they don’t hate me or anything. Overall it was just an amazing weekend that I feel so fortunate to have been able to be a part of.

Emotions Expressed

Sometimes it’s nice to know that other people are feeling the same way you are, and that they take the time to put your emotions into words for you.

Sometimes it’s nice to feel what other people are feeling and wonder about the story that has lead them to this point.

Whatever the reason for their creation, these words and images are beautiful: