What a Quote #4

I’ve seen the quote a few times before, but for some reason seeing it today hit me more powerfully than any time before. I, like most people, tend to worry way too much about what other people think. And if I really take the time to ponder about why that is, I can’t come up with any reasons. My life is by no means theirs, and their opinions of me don’t count for anything. It boils down to a desire to fit in, to belong, and find a group of people who are willing to put up with me. But if I’m constantly worrying about what other people think of me, I’m never going to be happy.

I’m quirky and a bit odd. Trust me, I’m not oblivious to this fact. But I’m happiest when I’m being completely myself and not caring how other people think of me. This sometimes gets really difficult when it’s people that are close to me, but if they really care about me, they’d want me to be myself. If they don’t I guess they aren’t as close to me as I had previously thought. So I’m going to work harder on being completely myself. If people decide to have negative opinions of me, then clearly they’re too busy worrying about me to think about themselves.