My Week in Review: May 27 – June 2


Monday: Over the weekend I went with Alex to his parents’ house about two hours away from where we live. His parents were sweet enough to get me this 21 charm for my Pandora bracelet in honor of my impending birthday. They’ve given me all my charms so far and I’m really looking forward to them slowly filling up my bracelet over the years.


Tuesday: I had gone back home from Alex’s parents’ house on Monday night just to drive back the next day. Alex gave a speech at his old high school and he completely forgot about it until the day of. I decided to drive back to see him speak as well as to hang out with Natalie their foreign exchange student from the Ukraine. She went home this past Wednesday and I’m definitely going to miss her. To watch a video from today click here.

OOTD (4)

Wednesday: I’ve really been having a fantastic time creating new outfits and exploring my own closet. It’s easy for things to get lost or swept to the side, so it’s fun to go on an adventure and see what kind of out fit I can put together.


Thursday: Alex and I with two other friends entered a case study competition a few months ago. After a lot of work on Alex and my part to get the projects done and to make the videos, we ended up winning! Each one of us got our own iPad and they FINALLY came today!


Thursday: Needless to say I went right out and bought myself a wonderful iPad case that I completely love. Alex and I spent the evening playing with our iPads and making them perfect.OOTD___ (1)

Friday: I usually don’t work on Fridays, but this week I had to make up for not working Memorial Day. Silly me forgot that Friday is casual dress day. Oh well! I really enjoyed this outfit!


Sunday: Today I hosted my first ever Mary Kay party and had a complete blast. I purchased a few items that I’m incredibly excited to have arrive! To watch a video of today click here.


Organization Inspiration

I love organization, but sometimes I just need a little inspiration to start on a new project. I’ve really been loving the site deliciouslyorganized for inspiration and ideas of future projects. This photo of bag storage has really sparked some ideas. I’ve never been able to figure out a good way to store my bags and I just love this idea!

Organizing Handbagsfrom deliciouslyorganized

Thirty-One (And a Haul Video!)

I recently hosted a Thirty-One party at my apartment and now I’m definitely hooked on the company. Thirty-One is the pure romance party of handbags and organizational totes, so needless to say someone like me can get lost in a Thirty-One catalog.



I had heard about the company when I was working as a teller at Citizen’s Bank last summer, but was hesitant to book a party. It wasn’t until I went with my sister to a party being hosted by one of her friends that I decided to commit to a date. Plus I really liked the consultant.



If you’re interested in watching a video talking all about the products I got, click on the image below!