Current Obsessions: End of November 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a current obsessions post. I’ve missed them!



1. Crafting


Alex and I have recently opened an Etsy store with all of our crafts. I’ve also been making a lot of Christmas gifts this year. It’s such a great feeling to know I MADE it rather than just bought it, you know?

2. Panera


I’m addicted to their macaroni and cheese. I’ve been going almost once a week lately. I also really love the vibe of Panera. It feels like a productive yet social hub and I can’t get enough of it.

3. Fortune Cookie Soap


I have yet to buy anything from this company, but that hasn’t stopped me from almost daily trips to their website to stare at their beautiful fortune cookie shaped soaps. I’m hoping for a holiday sale or something so I can convince myself that it’s ok for a little treat.

4. Corgis


Still obsessed. Still want one badly.

5. Christmas Decorations


The end of November marks the time of year when everyone is putting up lights and decorating Christmas trees. I love it!

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

YouTube Channels I’ve Been Loving

I am a hard core YouTube junkie. Every single day I’m scrolling through my feed looking for videos from my favorite channels. Of course there are my classic favorites (e.g. vlogbrothers and  allthatglitters21), but as of late I’ve been on a hunt for new channels to love. Here’s a list of my most recent favorites.

1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This channel is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and has me literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode. They just recently revealed the actor playing Darcy and fans (like myself) have been freaking out ever since. If you enjoy Jane Austen and want to see how the writers and producers have incorporated video blogging into the classic story, you’ll love this.

2. missglamorazzi

A refreshingly not annoying beauty guru who I have really been enjoying. Since there are quite a lot of beauty channels on YouTube, it’s hard to find someone you really like that produces content you’re willing to watch. I have also found that some of the beauty gurus’ voices just annoy me, so it’s nice that I’ve found another channel to get my fashion/beauty fix.

3. NikkiPhillippi

Another channel that focuses on fashion and beauty, NikkiPhillippi is hilarious. She’s completely herself and doesn’t try to conform to the beauty guru mold. Although I’m not always interested in every single one of her videos, I enjoy her refreshing personality and her style is very similar to my own.

Current Obsession: Chai Tea Lattes

If you’ve read a recent post you know I’ve been on a hunt of sorts to find a tea I like. After the first failed attempt it was pretty obvious that I needed to find something that had a really strong taste. I stumbled on chai tea lattes almost by chance.

My advanced advertising class had a client interview downtown so we all met at our usual room and walked together. We stopped by a local cafe called Brown Sugar for anyone to get a coffee or something. I had no intention of getting anything, but Logan had let me try his chai tea latte when we were exploring Ann Arbor and I figured I might as well give it a shot at this cafe.

Literally it was one of the greatest things I have ever tasted. It was creamy, hot, and reminded me of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and happiness in a cup. So delicious.

The next day I met up with Logan at Brown Sugar after a job interview he had. I bought both of us chai tea lattes just to show him how delicious Brown Sugar’s lattes were. I realize that a chai tea latte is more of a cousin to teas, but I feel quite satisfied with this amazing beverage!!

I’m hooked. I would buy one everyday if I could afford it!!

What beverage can you just not get enough of?

Photo is from tumblr and is not mine

Current Obsessions: February 2012

I just love these current obsessions posts. The list is always changing!



1. Food Blogs

I’ve started following a number of food blogs on Tumblr and can’t get enough! I’m constantly reblogging photos of cupcakes and pasta. It’s amazing how beautifully food is captured in a lot of the photos.

2. Nail Polish

After buying a few China Glaze nail polishes, I’m hooked. I’ve never been one to paint my finger nails so this was a pretty drastic change for me, but I love the beautiful colors and how much painted nails add to an outfit.

3. Daily Recaps in My Life Planner

I’ve started writing short diary posts after every day in my planner and wish I would have started doing this sooner. It’s a quick way to put a little detail about what happened each day, without being a big time consuming task like writing in my diary would sometimes be.

4. Corgis

These dogs are adorable. I’m sincerely considering getting one once I have my first real home.

5. Pastel/Vintage Looking Photographs

I’m seeing this style of photo all over tumblr lately and am absolutely loving it. I’ve always been a fan for vintage photos, so I really like how modern photos can now have that vintage look.

6. Jewelry Organization

The days of the jewelry box are over. I’ve moved to using craft storage boxes to organize my jewelry and I’m incredibly happy with the results. I can see all my jewelry easily now and things don’t get tangled!

7. Blazers

I adore them. Probably my favorite type of clothing ever. They dress up any outfit and I just love how I look in them.

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

What’s in My Bag?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a post like this so it’s time again for another!

1. Purse: I got this bag from Forever21 (around $30) with my trip to England in mind. I wanted something cute that I could easily tote around all day long. The bag has a long crossbody strap as well as a braided shoulder one.

2. Wallet: An obvious thing to have in a purse…I’ve had this wallet for years now because wallets are something that once you get comfortable with one, it’s hard to switch.

3. Cell phone: My poor cell phone is cracked to hell after it took a short but scarring fall onto the cement. It was either the cell phone or my cat in his carrier. I chose the living thing and my phone suffered. It still works perfectly fine though!

4. Pencil Case: This Vera Bradley pencil case holds the usual items. I’ve found that over the years if I don’t have one specific spot for writing utensils, they’ll end up scattered throughout all of my purses and I keep having to buy more.

5. Cutoff Gloves: As a photographer wearing gloves and trying to take photos is almost an impossible task. I always carry around a pair of cutoffs in the winter because they still keep my hands relatively warm while allowing me to still be able to change settings on my camera.

6. Glasses: So I can see…

7. Digital Camera: I always have some sort of camera on me because you never know (and even more now that I’m in a sorority) a photo needs to be taken.

8. Planner: I simply ADORE this Lily Pulizter planner. I got it just over a month ago and have fallen in love with this beautiful piece of organization. If you’re trying to figure out what type of planner you want, seriously consider this one. It’s a bit pricier than the average planner, but it’s definitely worth it.

9: Artist Pens: I got this craft/artist pens from a craft store before I left for England. The course description said a lot of sketching would occur, so I wanted to get something besides crayons I could use. I ended up not using these for sketching at all, but for writing in my trip journal. Now I use them in my planner (I’ve color coded things like School, Work, Greek Life, etc)

10. First Aid Kit: This little box was a holiday gift from one of my jobs and I’ve modified it to be a serious life saver. Besides band-aids, it has hair ties, safety pins, rubber bands, bobby pins, etc. It’s come in handy on numerous occasions and since it’s so small it fits into every single bag I own.

Current Obsessions: December 2011

I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging, and what better way than to post about the things that I’m obsessed with? Plus with the year drawing to a close it’s always interesting to see what obsessions will carry me into the new year.

All the images used were found on tumblr,, or my personal photographs!



1. Tumblr


I’ve disappeared from this blog all because of my lovely tumblr addiction. On top of my personal tumblr, I also created a Greek Life tumblr that’s been getting really good feedback. Tumblr is just easy. After a long day it’s much nicer to relax with a simple means of expression rather than forming complete thoughts and sentences!

2. My New Life Planner

It was quite the decision to change the style of planner I use, and I’m so glad I did. I don’t know what I would do without my life planner keeping track of all my responsibilities and the places I need to be. I adore my new, smaller, adorable planner!

3. Heels

I recently bought a new pair of peep-toe heels  and now I’m hooked. I’ve been doing well resisting buying every cute pair of shoes I see, but I can’t seem to shake the desire.

 4. My Kitty Tardis

I got Tardis a few months ago and he’s such a joy to come home to every day. He’s always there waiting for me when I open the door and I just love cuddling with him. Plus he’s so cute he makes any photographs I take of him amazing!

Current Obsessions: 5/24/10

It’s been quite a long time since I posted about my current obsessions. A lot has happened since I rambled on about my new found love of Pictionary, and my obsessions have naturally changed with that passing of time.  




1. Stationary


I’ve always enjoyed hand-writing letters to loved ones or friends. As the school year ends and everyone starts getting ready to go their separate ways to college, I want to be able to keep in touch in a more personal way than a Facebook wall post. This way, you’re able to get a lot more personal with someone while having something really beautiful to send.


2. Flowers in Hair

This is a realitively new thing I’ve started doing, but I really do love it. With the weather getting as nice as it has been, it’s fun to embrace the season by dressing up a boring messy bun with a pretty fake flower (so it doesn’t wilt in the heat and you can use it again and again!). I’m planning on going to a store and picking out a few more to wear.


3. Vlogbrothers

Since getting interested in the Shaytards on Youtube, I’m on there practically every day. This regular usage has led me to stumble upon another channel that I love just as much as the Shaytards. The vlogbrothers are two brothers (Hank and John Green) who started their channel with a year of videos back and forth. It’s sprouted into this whole nation of Nerdfighters. It’s really hard to explain what they’re all about and how awesome they are; you’re going to have to check them out for yourself.


 4. TV on DVD

I find this one of the greatest things of all time. I’m a huge fan of television. I’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of hours of television, but what I love more than anything in the world is the ability to watch countless episodes of a show one right after the other (without any commerical interuptions). This has been an obsession of mine for quite a long time, but it’s resurfaced just recently when I discovered BBC’s Robin Hood. I’ve rediscovered my love of TV on DVD because having Robin Hood on DVD could not please me more.


5. Large Necklaces

My favorite pieces of jewelry always seem to end up being necklaces with really long chains that have something large at the end of it. That thing could be an owl, an assortment of flower pieces, or a heart; I’m really not picky. I’m not sure when this obsession began, but just recently I picked up a turtle necklace that I can’t seem to stop wearing!


With summer fast approaching, what will be your obsessions in the coming months?!

Current Obsessions: 1/1/10

I know it’s been awhile. My winter break has been filled with countless days of memory making (not meant to sound corny…but it does…), so sadly Under the Microscope has taken a backseat to my reality living. Since I’ve been away from my laptop for some time, I’ve been able to find myself many new things to obsess over.




1. Pictionary


Don’t judge me for my lack of classic board game experience, but I had never played Pictionary until the boyfriend and I played while in Canada. It’s so much fun even though my drawing skills match those of a four-year-old. The boyfriend and I get very serious about this game. He has even ordered me my own; it should come in three to six weeks.



2. Vera Bradley


I’ve always loved Vera Bradley’s bags and accessories, but over the past few weeks I’ve become truly obsessed. My hunger for those beautifully colored bags has been fed thanks to the holiday season. My parents gave me an adorable lunch bag for Christmas and I treated myself to a cosmetic bag to carry my growing make- up collection. I’m sure I’ll find some obscure reason to get more.



3. New Year’s Resolutions

I’m one of those people who set resolutions with the greatest intentions, but fail every year to succeed in following them through to the end. This year, I want to pick the perfect resolution(s) that I will be able to stick with. I just haven’t came up with any yet. I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and still am unable to come up with a resolution that’s going to make it to its end. Suggestions would be appreciated.



4. “Shaytards” Videos

This family is amazing because of how completely average they are. There’s nothing glamorous about them, yet they are truly fasinating. The channel is a “daily video dairy”, so every day there’s a new video. I just love this whole concept, and wish I could be able to do the same, not with videos, but with photographs. I’m still wanting to try the “photo a day” thing, but I know it’s going to be incredibly hard to stick with it. Maybe the “photo a day” concept should be my New Year’s Resolution?


So those are my current obsessions ending 2009 and starting 2010. Leave a comment telling me about some of your current obsessions. I’d love to have something new to obsess over : )

Current Obsessions: 12/3/09

Just as predicted two weeks ago, I have a whole handful of new obsessions. This is not to say that my previous obsessions from 11/18/09 are no more, it just means these new obsessions are currently in the lead. I still cannot get enough of Gossip Girl (The Thanksgiving episode this week was amazing!) and Ben Folds, but I’ve discovered some new things I’m just as obsessed over.




1. FFFFound!

Binky’s Alternate Reality introduced me to this site and it’s been one of my tabs ever since (right between WordPress and Yahoo! Mail). Over the past few weeks I’ve browsed over 1,200 pages of images and saved hundreds into files to use later. This site is amazing, but I’m disappointed that you have to be invited to have a chance to get an account. It’s probably best I don’t have one because FFFFound! already uses up hours of precious time each day.



2. Fleece Tie Blankets

I’ve always wanted to make one of these blankets, but never seemed to get around to it. To my surprise and great pleasure, at my swim team banquet this last Tuesday all the seniors were given one! I’ve had mine draped over my shoulders ever since. Mine’s a ’70’s peace theme with a deep purple back and my name and graduation year embroidered in one of the corners. It’s amazingly warm. If you don’t have one, make one, or find someone who can because you really need one. 



3. The Blind Side

I saw this movie with my mom over Thanksgiving break and I’m in love with it. I laughed, cried, and did this odd laugh/cry at times. The movie was wonderfully made and the whole story behind it is amazing. I’m contemplating seeing it again.



4. Eyelash Curlers

I’ve fallen victim to the idea that eyelash curlers are actually torture devices since I was a little girl walking around with ridiculous eyeshadow on, but I’m happy to say I’ve finally seen the error of my ignorant ways. I’ve  started to use an eyelash curler more regularly, and now I’m addicted to using one. It really does make quite a noticeable difference.



5. Alex Day

I found Alex Day’s YouTube Channel through a post on a friend’s Facebook wall (gotta love technology right?) and became immediately addicted. Alex Day is hilarious. I especially love the videos of him reading Twilight. He participated in this really amazing fundraiser for charity (watch this video to learn all about it). He’s really quite brilliant if you have a spare moment to watch yet another YouTube video.


So those are my current obsessions for the time being. Leave a comment telling me about some of your current obsessions. I’d love to find out something new to obsess over : )

Current Obsessions: 11/18/09

I’m known for going though some serious phases, but in my defense, I grew a lot as a person while trying out different interests. There are still boxes of plastic, fake food in the basement from when I was eight and obsessed with becoming a chef. Some might even say that this desire to blog is just another to add to the incredibly long list of phases I’ve gone through over the years (I really hope not). Some “phases” do indeed stick though, so here’s hoping Under the Microscope is one of them.




1. Gossip Girl

I’m nuts about this show. Whenever Monday night rolls around, homework is ignored and all responsibilities vanish during that one hour of bliss. The clothing alone would keep me coming back week after week, but I just can’t get enough of Chuck and Blair.



2. The Selby

A post on Binky’s Alternate Reality introduced me to this website with pictures of “interesting people in their creative spaces” and now I’m hooked. For as long as I can remember I’ve been collecting materials and ideas for when I get my own personal space, and this website has so many wonderful ideas I can take and make my own.



3. How-to videos


If you don’t know, someone else does. YouTube has become my best friend lately as I’ve gotten more and more obsessed with learning how to do pretty much anything. Thanks to YouTube’s vast how-to library, I now know how to tie a tie, cook lasagna, and draw cartoons.



4. Audlogs

The boyfriend and I recently started recording our drives to school, adventures, etc. for no particular reason. I’m not really sure if anyone else does this, but it’s similar to vlogs (minus the video part of course). There has been some hilarious audio recordings created that’ll be interesting to listen to a few years from now. We have yet to decide what we are going to do with these recordings, but the boyfriend and I are obsessed with making them.



5. Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor – “You Don’t Know Me”

 I used this song in my “Life’s Soundtrack” post, and to my dismay I’ve become even more obsessed with it since then (One guess what song I’m listening to right now). This song is amazing for no particular reason. It just is. It’s one of those songs that you can explain why you love it, but you know that you’re different now than you were before you heard it. Listen to it. Seriously.



6. WordPress

What I should write next is all I can think about (I’m thinking about it now even). Forget doing that silly history homework, there’s a more pressing matter at hand whether to create another “Appearances” or “Art Forms” post. I’ve become addicted to this blog, and I’m totally ok with it.


There are numerous others, but these are clearly leading the pack to attract the bulk of my attention.