Greek Life: Greek Board

Staring at the board across from my bed I suddenly realized just how many memories have been made while I’ve been in my sorority. It’s crazy. I’m so glad I started collecting little mementos from events at the start. I think it’s important (no matter what you’re a part of) to keep pieces so you can look back and remember  different aspects of the experience. I love this board!! Plus I think it makes a really good addition to my room to add more color.


Late Night Ramblings

I wanted to blog about something, but nothing on the lists I keep of possible blog posts appealed to me. I’m just going to wing it and see if anything thoughtful emerges. So begins the rambling post:

My Future: Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy applying for scholarships, internships, and jobs. I’ve started to live by the philosophy that it never hurts to try. So I’ve applied for a waitress job at a pizzaria, various scholarships through my sorority’s national office, a sales position at a media company, and even for an (unpaid) internship in Texas or Cailfornia. I still have an internship application and another job application to go before the initial list has been exhausted. You just never know and I’d hate to look back five years from now, hating myself for sitting on my butt doing nothing when I could have been getting ahead.

My Classes: There are only a few more weeks to the semester, which has me excited as well as disinterested because I take courses all year round. There’s just something about the end of a semester though that makes you feel as if you’ve overcome some huge hurtle. For a while you forget that the semester was just one of a long string of them and feel as if you accomplished something. My classes are going well and are also pretty enjoyable. I’m getting waist deep into my communication major these days so I have a lot of courses that are just client pitches. Lots of group work *groan*

My Relationship: I realize I rarely ever talk about my boyfriend Logan and I honestly have no idea why not. I guess I’m so used to keeping things private on Facebook that I just automatically do the same on here. I think that’s a bit silly though because my blog is my place to express myself freely and a lot of the people from my everyday life don’t even know this blog exists!

So Logan dislocated his elbow a few days ago and I’ve been driving out to his house 20 minutes away every day to hang out with him. He really just needs to be distracted from the fact that he can’t use his right arm and that it hurts like hell. Being there for him through this has gotten me thinking: My relationship with Logan is so unlike every other relationship I’ve been in for a lot of positive reasons. He doesn’t take my bullshit and we both still have our separate lives to keep us from going insane. He challenges me in a way that I know I’m becoming a much better person through knowing him.

My Sorority: I’m going through a difficult time with my sorority right now because I feel that it’s no longer, “The greatest thing to ever happen to me” and is becoming more of a chore than adding to my life. I’ve been focusing more on my future and furthering myself within my major, causing sorority stuff to become more of a burden. I always said before I came to college that I could never see myself in a sorority. I no longer feel that way, but I do still acknowledge the fact that my personality doesn’t effortlessly mesh with others’. A lot of work and time needs to be put in for me to bond and connect with girls like my sisters and lately that hasn’t been my top priority. Not because they aren’t worth it or anything like that, but because my focus has shifted elsewhere in my life. I am by no means giving up though, I’m just taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and re-evaluating my priorities.

Greek Life: When Exciting Things Happen Out of the Blue

One day on a whim I decided to start a Greek tumblr called Greek Guide. The basic point of the tumblr is to share tips, tricks, advice, etc. to Greeks and those considering becoming Greek. I started it at a point in my sorority life when I was struggling to remember why I joined, what made being Greek so great, and why I loved it. I had no idea it would actually become something that people wanted to follow. I have people asking me questions about Greek Life related things, reblogging my posts, and sending in suggestions of new posts. I’m completely shocked at the success Greek Guide has had.

A month or so ago I was contacted by a girl in another sorority from a different campus asking if she could write a blog piece about me and Greek Guide for her sorority’s national website. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it even though the article posted yesterday. This is all so amazing and I feel like my tumblr is actually doing something; inspiring people to see the good in Greek Life. I know it’s helped to remind me of everything great about being Greek.

Want to read the blog post about Greek Guide? Click the above image.

A Year of Greek Life: A Reflection

With the new pledge class just a few short weeks away from being initiated, I can’t help but to think back on my last year in the sorority and everything that’s happened.

1. I’ve made some amazing new friends.

If I hadn’t decided to go Greek, I highly doubt I would have ever met any of the people that are now incredibly important in my life. I’m not just talking about within my own organization, but within other Greek orgs on my campus and the one close by.

2. I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Being in an organization full of different personalities hasn’t been easy. Honestly, more times than not it’s more work than enjoyable. But through it all I’ve learned a lot about who I am as a person, who I want to be, and who I NEVER want to become. I’m determining what I believe in and what’s worth fighting for with every passing day.

3. I’m more outgoing.

I feel like the majority of bloggers tend to be quiet, reserved people. Greek Life hasn’t completely killed the recluse within me, but I’ve gotten much more comfortable in group situations and with meeting new people. I go to parties and events I would have never considered going to a year ago.

4. I’ve stopped taking shit from people.

Before Greek Life I was kind of a pushover. I figured why bother fighting when I could just accept things as they were. With recent events it’s become apparent that the pushover version of myself is long gone. If I think something’s unjust or not right, I’ll no longer sit quietly by, but will do something about it.

5. I’ve found my place.

I don’t want to kid anyone and say that my sorority is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It could very well be for someone else, but for me it’s just a part of my life, not the whole thing. However I have to give Greek Life credit for giving me a place to belong. I know where I stand in the campus food chain. I’m not another face in the crowd, but a Greek.


How ABC Family’s Greek is Neither an Accurate nor Inaccurate Portrayal of Greek Life

With a week until my summer class starts, my best friend in the Dominican Republic volunteering at a hospital for a few weeks, and all the people I want to hang out with in another state or even country, I’ve had a lot of downtime to fill. Netflix Instantly has been really hit and miss for me lately, but when I found ABC Family’s Greek (which I watched before I turned Greek myself), I found something to fill my time.

I found myself comparing and contrasting how the fraternities and sororities in the show compare with the Greek life I know of, and these are the similarities and differences I’ve come up with:

1. Hazing is looked on much more negatively and harshly than in the show.

2. Not all Greek organizations have giant mansions for houses, and some (like mine) don’t have a house we live in.

3. Each organization does in fact have its own unique personality.

4. Sorority girls are not all cliche pretty girls who aren’t very smart and are well-off like the show portrays them to be.

5. There’s a larger stress on Greek Unity than constant competition and rivalry between the houses.


There are probably more, and I may continue to update this list as I watch more episodes…