Current Obsessions: Disc Golfing

Alex and I have started disc golfing nearly every day for the past week. Before this last week I have never played! Needless to say I’m not very good. I don’t throw the disc very far and am scared of losing my bright orange disc in the woods and having to get a new one. However I can see myself improving every day. It’s also a really great way to be active and enjoy the nice weather. We have two different courses near us and my favorite location has some amazing views when you go down to the beach side!





Outfit of the Day: Business Blacks & Whites

photo (6)


Working at the university every day has really challenged me to find outfits that are appropriate, but also wearable for the entire day of classes and other activities. I recently inherited this bird shirt from my older sister and eagerly wanted to create an outfit around it. I paired it with a long black pencil skirt (an appropriate office length).

Adventure: Christmas 2012

The past few days have been a crazy, amazing blur filled with amazing memories with people I love. From Christmas with my family with intense games of Clue (I finally won!) to a mind-blowingly large Christmas with Alex’s family, I have been showered in love and gifts this year. I feel so blessed to have such caring people in my life. Here are some photos from the past few days as well as a video showing everything I got this year. Make sure you click the YouTube video photo to jump to the video!


The delicious homemade noodles at my family’s Christmas dinner (I’m eating leftovers right now!)


The pastry from Alex’s family’s Christmas breakfast. It tasted like a mix between a donut and apple pie.


The living room at Alex’s family’s house after Santa came to visit. The most presents I have ever seen!


The very beautiful Pandora bracelet from Alex’s unbelievably generous parents. The Christmas tree charm symbolizes my first Christmas with their family.IMG_1360

Some of the wonderful gifts I received this year. To see everything I got, be sure to click on the photo below to watch the video!

Christmas Haul

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!! I would love to hear what gifts you all received!

Clothing Talks: Classy Winter

Sorority life has taught me you can never have too many fancy outfits. Sometimes dressing up for no apparent reason can completely change your day. If you look good, you feel good. So ditch the sweatpants and hoodie for a day and glam up! Be sure to pair your outfit with some nice thick tights though if your winters are as cold as mine are here in Michigan.

Clothing Talks: Cold and Grey

I’ve always been told to try and stay away from cold, muted tones during the winter months, but I happen to disagree. I personally love embracing the weather and using it to my fashion advantage. The high collared shirt is my favorite part of this outfit because it’s something I wouldn’t normally wear. If it’s really cold out, pair it with a black thick cardigan under the jacket for extra warmth!

Clothing Talks: Casual Saturday

I seriously love this outfit. When I look at it I just think about walking around a park or going to a farmers’ market on a lazy Saturday. It’s a super easy outfit to do with just a scarf and a bangle for jewelry, but it’s just so beautiful and relaxed. I added the small clutch because of its color, but a cross-body bag would be great for this outfit.

Clothing Talks: Summer Outfit

I have an outfit all planned out much similar to this one, and I’m so excited to wear it! This outfit is the perfect cute yet casual summer look. I got all of my pieces from forever21 (the romper and the jewelry), wet seal (the cardigan if it gets cold), and payless (the silver sandals). Wear it to any last minute graduation parties, cook-outs, or a belated trip to the zoo (that’s where I’ll be wearing it!).