365 Days of Photos: Day 110 (April 20, 2013)

photo (3)

Alex and I drove to his parent’s house to celebrate their Ukraine foreign exchange student’s 17th birthday. It was great to be able to see her have so much fun and enjoy a very American birthday party at a local bowling alley. I vlogged during the day which you can watch here.



365 Days of Photos: Day 68 (March 9, 2013)


Technically this photo wasn’t taken by me, but I’ll let it slide! The family got together to have dinner for my dad’s 50th birthday next week!

Adventure: Kristy’s Birthday

My sister’s 23rd birthday was today, and to celebrate my parents and I went down to her place near Detroit.



After giving Kristy her ice cream cake, we were off to the Detroit Institute of Art. We weren’t able to see the extra exhibit she was eager to check out because apparently exhibits can sell out. We weren’t waiting three extra hours in order to pay $15 extra each. The DIA is more than big enough to entertain and fulfill all desires for culture.




Once our feet were good and tired, we hopped back in the car and drove to Granite City, one of Kristy’s favorite restaurants. Although a party of rude adults refused to sit down at their table, we still managed to have a good dinner.





Happy Birthday Kristy!!

Adventure: Make-Up Birthday Weekend

Cameron had to go to Grand Rapids for his three month work term, so he missed my birthday. He swore he’d make it up to me, so the first weekend in August I drove to Grand Rapids and we spent the weekend together. We explore Saugatuck and then he took me to the zoo on Sunday! I love the zoo in Grand Rapids more than any other zoo. I used to live in Grand Rapids, so when I was younger, I would spend many summer days exploring that place. I loved sharing it with him.

19th Birthday Eve Thoughts

Tomorrow is my19th birthday, and while part of me feels like I’ve already been 19 for a while now, there’s still a tiny portion of me screaming out, “Woah! Hold on here! When did this happen?!”

There are so many times when I feel like I’m much older than I actually am. Like with the breakup with the boyfriend for instance. The breakup wasn’t a messy one because of lies, cheating, or any sort of childish drama that could be the topic of a Degrassi episode. We just didn’t have that “thing” between us and we both knew it and wanted to do what was best for one another. We are just two incredibly different people. Numerous people have described the break up and how the (ex) boyfriend and I have been handling it as “very mature,” and it really is. I’m still a kid in a lot of ways, but I’ve never been childish when it comes to relationships, and I’m incredibly proud of that.

I worry that I’ve missed out on a lot of experiences though because of being so mature in a lot of aspects of my life. I’ve never snuck out of the house or………see I can’t even think of rebellious, childish acts I haven’t done! I don’t think I necessarily regret not being more stupid in my early teen years, but I do feel as if I’ve alienated myself a bit from my peers by never being interested in those sorts of things.

In the end I’m still incredibly young, and I need to stop rushing the present to get to the future. I’ve had a very fantastic life thus far, and even though there have been some not-so-great struggles and trials, I feel like I’m a much stronger, better person because of them.

My two best friends have planned an epic birthday party for me tomorrow. It’s going to be incredible, I already know. I’m curious to see how it compares to my other birthdays, because I’ve been very fortunate in regards to awesome birthday parties.


Finding photos for most of them has proven to be incredibly difficult, but here’s what I’ve been able to scrounge up…

^^ 2nd Birthday ^^

^^ 3rd Birthday ^^

^^ 7th Birthday ^^

^^ 8th Birthday ^^

^^ 9th Birthday ^^

^^ 15th Birthday ^^

(My 16th Birthday was in France…and yet I didn’t get any photos of it?!)

^^ 17th Birthday ^^

Happy Birthday Dad

I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing relationship with my parents, so when it’s one of their birthdays, I tend to get really weird and mushy.

Today is the day my father was born. It’s kind of an important day in my life as well seeing as he played a pretty big role in my existence.

I get weird on my mom’s and my dad’s birthdays because I always think more about how lucky I am to have people like them supporting me.

But our relationship goes beyond them helping financially or offering encouragement, my parents are two of my best friends.

Now that my sister and I aren’t living at the house anymore, I was worried about my parents. They surprised both my sister and I with how they’ve been enjoying their empty nest. They’re going on trips, having fancy dinners, and going to shows and events. I couldn’t be happier that my parents still enjoy hanging out with each other.

I know I don’t tell either of them this as much as I should, but I sincerely love spending time with them. We get into some really interesting situations, and we always end up laughing. I know nowadays, not many people can say they enjoy and prefer hanging out with their parents.

So to my dad on his birthday: I know you’re not one for expressing your emotions out loud, but I know you love and care for me, want to keep me safe, and want me to succeed. I work so hard at school and other aspects in my life because I want to make everything you and mom have done for me worth it. You’ve given me and Kristy a wonderful life and we could never have asked for a better father. I love you dad. Have a happy birthday.