Thirty-One (And a Haul Video!)

I recently hosted a Thirty-One party at my apartment and now I’m definitely hooked on the company. Thirty-One is the pure romance party of handbags and organizational totes, so needless to say someone like me can get lost in a Thirty-One catalog.



I had heard about the company when I was working as a teller at Citizen’s Bank last summer, but was hesitant to book a party. It wasn’t until I went with my sister to a party being hosted by one of her friends that I decided to commit to a date. Plus I really liked the consultant.



If you’re interested in watching a video talking all about the products I got, click on the image below!



365 Days of Photos: Day 34 (February 3, 2013)

34 - Feb 3


Got to unpack and enjoy all of my new Thirty-One products today! (There may or may not be a haul in the future, I’m not sure yet)

365 Days of Photos: Day 12 (January 12, 2013)

12 - Jan 12

I hosted a Thirty-One party today. I’ve never hosted a party like this before and was incredibly happy with how it turned out.