What’s in My Bag?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a post like this so it’s time again for another!

1. Purse: I got this bag from Forever21 (around $30) with my trip to England in mind. I wanted something cute that I could easily tote around all day long. The bag has a long crossbody strap as well as a braided shoulder one.

2. Wallet: An obvious thing to have in a purse…I’ve had this wallet for years now because wallets are something that once you get comfortable with one, it’s hard to switch.

3. Cell phone: My poor cell phone is cracked to hell after it took a short but scarring fall onto the cement. It was either the cell phone or my cat in his carrier. I chose the living thing and my phone suffered. It still works perfectly fine though!

4. Pencil Case: This Vera Bradley pencil case holds the usual items. I’ve found that over the years if I don’t have one specific spot for writing utensils, they’ll end up scattered throughout all of my purses and I keep having to buy more.

5. Cutoff Gloves: As a photographer wearing gloves and trying to take photos is almost an impossible task. I always carry around a pair of cutoffs in the winter because they still keep my hands relatively warm while allowing me to still be able to change settings on my camera.

6. Glasses: So I can see…

7. Digital Camera: I always have some sort of camera on me because you never know (and even more now that I’m in a sorority) a photo needs to be taken.

8. Planner: I simply ADORE this Lily Pulizter planner. I got it just over a month ago and have fallen in love with this beautiful piece of organization. If you’re trying to figure out what type of planner you want, seriously consider this one. It’s a bit pricier than the average planner, but it’s definitely worth it.

9: Artist Pens: I got this craft/artist pens from a craft store before I left for England. The course description said a lot of sketching would occur, so I wanted to get something besides crayons I could use. I ended up not using these for sketching at all, but for writing in my trip journal. Now I use them in my planner (I’ve color coded things like School, Work, Greek Life, etc)

10. First Aid Kit: This little box was a holiday gift from one of my jobs and I’ve modified it to be a serious life saver. Besides band-aids, it has hair ties, safety pins, rubber bands, bobby pins, etc. It’s come in handy on numerous occasions and since it’s so small it fits into every single bag I own.