Adventure: Color Run 2013

On Saturday I woke up bright and early to take an hour or so drive south to Ypsilanti with a few friends. Once we got to Ypsilanti and found a parking spot (which was a nightmare), we met up with my sister and her boyfriend. Thus began our first Color Run experience.

IMG_2706 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2726 IMG_2732 IMG_2735 IMG_2737 IMG_2743

The entire event was so fun and amazing and I loved spending time with my best friend Lauren and my sister. Everyone else in our group ran the 5K, but we just enjoyed ourselves walking it and getting completely covered in color! The only possible way that the Color Run could have been any better (besides being a tad bit warmer) was if Alex could have been there with us. He had signed up for the event, but last minute remembered a long-ago committed to wedding he had to photograph. Luckily there will sure to be other color runs in our future!

Want to watch the vlog I filmed during the Color Run? Click here!


Adventure: A 5K Through the Wilderness

This past Saturday I drove with a friend to Lansing for my first running 5K. I’ve done walking 5K’s before, but wanted to push myself this time by trying to run as much as I could. Little did I know that this 5K wasn’t a road race, but was actually a cross-country race in a forest. Besides trying not to pass out from exhaustion, I also had to avoid large tree roots and literally climb up hills. I finished the race though. And I’m looking forward to my next one…just as long as it’s on cement.

Why Days Like Today Keep Life Interesting

I woke up this morning feeling the effects of stress and lack of sleep hitting my body. I could tell I was getting sick. But I couldn’t stay in bed like I longed to, I had my internship to go to. Once there I was in a fog. Luckily the branch has been incredibly slow for the past few weeks so I was able to hide in a teller window and do very few transactions. It was in the later part of the day when I saw my internship program manager walk in. The very important district manager had already been in the branch for an hour or so. And they wanted to talk to me.

A little back story: I had not been enjoying the internship. Sure I liked the people I worked with and the clients were always interesting, but I was getting unwanted attention from my branch manager about my less than stellar sales. She would often target me in group meetings in a very unpleasant way. I also did not want to get stuck as a teller for the rest of my life.

So I walk into the office and immediately know where the conversation was going. They asked about how I thought I was doing and if I saw myself coming back for the second part of the internship next year. That’s when emotional me just lost it. Not crazy bawling, but a crack in my voice and a few tears. It was a stressful situation and I was about to do something I hadn’t done before: be completely and totally honest to a bunch of strangers. I told them I didn’t want to come back next year, and they seemed glad I said that.

Then things got interesting when they gave me the option of ending my internship before the end of the month. No more stressing about how I was going to juggle sorority responsibilities, planning a large event, my online class, and a budding new romance. I felt sudden relief. And complete terror.

They let me leave early for the day to think about what I wanted to do (continue until the end or cut things short). After I calmed down, talked to my parents and close friends I determined that I was ready to be done.

All of this was quickly followed by my first ever 5K race. My mom and I have been training to walk in the Crim (a big race in Flint) for a few months now and decided we should get a few races under our belts before then. So feeling sick, without much sleep, and after quite the day at work, I suited up.

I had a BLAST. I worked my ass off and got a really good time (I was doing 13 minute miles walking…let’s not get crazy and think I actually ran a 5K or anything). I even got a plaque for ranking first in my age division. Sure there was no one else in my age bracket, but who cares?!

It’s days like these when I really am baffled at life. One minute I can be admitting defeat at a job I hated and the next walking 5K in the pouring rain feeling powerful. Life is truly unpredictable.