Adventure: Spring Break 2013 in Lynchburg, Virginia

Until this year I’ve never been on Spring Break. I’ve never found myself in Florida with all the other Michigan college students fighting to share beach space or attempting to get a tan. And honestly I haven’t really ever had the desire to either. So when Alex brought up the idea of spending Spring Break at his brother’s house in Virginia, I was more than ready to say yes.

With two of his fraternity brothers piled in the backseat of Alex’s Honda, we began the 11 or so hour trip to Virginia Friday morning.


We got to his brother Erich’s house late Friday night. The next morning we woke up slowly and went to a winery. We tasted around thirty completely different wines ranging from ones made from apples and blueberries to others made with chili peppers.



After the tasting we got adventurous and decided to see how high we could climb the Peaks of Otter before it either got too cold or too dark. The incline was a lot steeper than expected, but we managed to get about a fourth of the way up to a beautiful advantage point.

857938_10152578632330580_1780282600_o 857883_10152578873255580_833261968_o IMG_2021

The next day we got even more outgoing. With Erich’s hummer we met up with a few of his friends and their jeeps to do some very intense off-roading. I never expected to have as much fun as I did, but it was crazy to see some of the rocks these vehicles climbed over.

IMG_2036 IMG_2056

The rest of the evening was spent watching movies and hanging out at the house. Monday we were back at it. We went to Erich’s new property where he’s building his new house. The builders had recently cleared the land where his house was going to be, so we burned some of the wood in a bonfire and ate hotdogs and s’mores.


Erich’s property was absolutely beautiful. Surrounded almost completely by forest, there were so many places to explore. With SLR camera in tow, Alex and I explored along a little creek for a while and took awesome photos.

Property_2 Property Property_1

With an impending storm threatening to make driving home in a few days a complete disaster, we decided to head home early the next morning. Nothing is worse than trying to drive steep mountain roads covered in ice. We packed ourselves up and stuffed ourselves back into the car. We stopped a few times along the way to take some scenery photos of Virginia and for Alex and I to start a project where we take photos with the welcome signs in every state we visit.




Unfortunately we couldn’t avoid the snowstorm completely. It caught up to us in Ohio after hours of rain. Alex was a trooper getting us through some of the worst weather I’ve seen in a while. We got home around midnight and quickly snuggled up in bed after such a long, stressful day.


The trip was better than anything I could have imagined. I got to do things I’ve never done before in such a beautiful place.


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