In Turn: My Experiences as a Non-Profit Intern #5

I’m at an interesting place with the Habitat internship right now. It just stopped being possible to drive the 35 minutes to the ReStore every Friday on top of classes starting and needing to put my gas money somewhere else. So I emailed my bosses asking them if it was alright to just work exclusively from home like I do the rest of the week. They both understood my situation and agreed to keep in better communication about upcoming events and information. I’m sure none of us are surprised that I have yet to hear from them again.

I plan on emailing them tomorrow asking for any photos or specific things they want posted, but I’m not expecting a response any time soon. I desperately want to help the business, and I have already seen improvements in their online presence thanks to my efforts. Yet I can only do so much and now I fully understand why the ReStore has been having so many problems for so long. Everyone in charge is so eager for change, but do very little to help those who are trying to bring about the changes.

My shift from coming to the store to working exclusively at home should not have had any significant impact seeing as all the work I do is online anyway. I’m pessimistic however that communication will improve even with all my efforts and clear attempts to explain what I need from them. At least I’m learning how to work with difficult people and still try to accomplish things.


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