Winter Break is Over, and I’m Not Happy


Winter break has only really been over for me for about five hours, but it feels as if those days of watching Downton Abbey and adventures have been gone for ages. I’m back on campus, and already stressed about this semester. The ironic thing is that I thought this semester would be easy. I’m taking a digital photography class (the only course currently that still has me excited), a two-dimensional design class, and a few others that didn’t seem like they were going to be too hard.

That was before I went online to look at the course work for my introduction to business applications course. I haven’t the slightest clue what I’m supposed to be doing or when it’s due. Apparently there are going to be live chats every Monday night but I have never done those and don’t know the first place to look to find them. My hope is that once I get my book things will start to make a little more sense, but my book isn’t scheduled to arrive until next week, and I’m pretty sure things are due Thursday.

I also am afraid I can no longer escape writing my Honor’s thesis. With graduation set to happen within the year, I have to write it in order to graduate with Honors on my transcript. I wouldn’t care one way or the other if my transcript wasn’t riddled with Honors classes making it obvious I was part of the program. So now I have to think of an interesting enough topic to write upwards to 60 pages about.

I’m hoping all of this is just “first week back” panic and will pass after I spend some quality time with my syllabi and planner.

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