Everyday Organization: Cleaning Out My Parents’ Bookshelf

Today turned into a day with no solid plans to a day helping my parents clean up their den. The original focus was on my dad’s desk, but a bookshelf in the corner kept driving me crazy. Books were literally spilling from it and I found myself motivated to tidy it up as well. Pulling my parents into the room, we went through all the books and binders, throwing away a lot of unnecessary things. Now my parents have a much more organized bookshelf with room to grow with their changing interests. (I wish I would have gotten a “before” photo, but it was a very impromptu decision and I had my eyes focused on the prize.)

We ended up with seven bags of garbage and a box for the basement. (The torn up couch belongs to our dogs who have done quite a lot of damage to it.)


A lot of the books on the shelves were novels my parents have read over the years. We boxed them up to either keep for future generations or sell to a used book store.


The final product!



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