Adventure: Mystery Date Envelope #1

For Christmas my lovely boyfriend Alex surprised me with ten envelopes all containing mystery dates. They were given to me with the rule that I can not know what’s inside of them until the day that I open them for the date.


I’ve carried them around with me constantly since I received them, but haven’t opened one until today. Being who I am, I opted to open the #1 envelope first instead of picking a random one from the stack.


Inside was this paper.


So to the movies we went! We saw Les Mis and it was absolutely incredible. Although the movie did start to feel long (and for good reason since it was almost a three hour movie), it was completely breathtaking. It was also really special because Alex was in a performance of Les Mis back in high school. I really enjoyed seeing his face when important moments happened in the film because I knew he was remembering all the experiences he’s had.

This date was amazing and I can’t wait to see what the other mystery envelopes have in store for us.


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