Whimsical & Wonderful Gets a Makeover!

I suddenly got it into my head last night to change the theme of this blog. Little did I know exactly how far I was going to take it! I’ve loved pastel/vintage things for quite some time now, and while I searched through wordpress’ various themes, I kept getting pulled to the “lovebirds” theme. I really didn’t like the header image of a cage with lovebirds in it, so I poked around and discovered I could upload a number of different images to have randomly pop up when different pages are clicked on. This realization set in motion the creation of a variety of different header images, all needing to be taken to photoshop to make sure their backgrounds matched the blog’s background. So now when you click on a post, the about me page, etc. there’s a very good chance a different image will take the place of the last!

I’m curious to  know how the page looks on your computer and web browser, so leave a comment letting me know where the photo of me shows up. Is it near the top in the left column? At the bottom of the page? I want to make sure everyone is seeing the same thing I am!

I’m very happy about this new theme, and I hope you all enjoy it too!

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