In Turn: My Experiences as a Non-Profit Intern #3

It’s hard trying to take a company to a new place, even harder when everyone employed has no idea how to keep up your efforts once you leave. I’m facing this problem right now with my internship. I’ve been working incredibly hard to get the Habitat for Humanity ReStore a better, consistent online presence and have developed a very professional looking email newsletter through mailchimp. My biggest worry is that everything I’m doing is going to die as soon as my internship is over.

I have plans on making how-to guides with screen shots to show my “replacement” how to do everything from log on to Facebook to redesigning the newsletter for each month. I’m just weary of much work that’s actually going to end up being.

If only they had some funds to pay someone like me to keep up the sites. It would be so much easier to just keep someone from my generation on the payroll rather than scrambling after I leave. It’s impossible for me to keep giving away my time for free anymore though. Graduation is looming and internships aren’t going to keep cutting it.


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