Adventure: Frankenmuth Date


After volunteering at the Food Bank in the morning, I took Alex on a “surprise date” to Frankenmuth. We went to Bronner’s (the world’s largest Christmas store that’s ironically closed on Christmas) and floated in and out the masses of people. We were on a hunt to find two ornaments that represented us individually and one that represented us as a couple. We were very successful!


We chose the “Olive you!” ornament because we always jokingly say “olive you” or “olive juice” instead of “I love you”. Your mouth makes the same movements saying all of those words so when you’re mouthing the phrase to the other person, you could be saying “olive you” instead of “I love you.”



Alex picked out an astronaut ornament because he is constantly fascinated by space and the universe. He often listens to motivational speeches about how the universe is in all of us and other amazing deep thoughts.




I chose an elephant ornament. I absolutely adore elephants.


I also picked up an advent calendar. I remember when I was younger we had one for one Christmas. It was so much fun and I want to make it a Christmas tradition.



Sadly all the places we wanted to eat in Frankenmuth had upwards to a three hour wait. We ended up driving back home to Flint for an amazing meal at Sagano’s. It’s the kind of place where the chef’s cook the meal in front of you and do knife tricks. Such an amazing evening!


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