Current Obsessions: End of November 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a current obsessions post. I’ve missed them!



1. Crafting


Alex and I have recently opened an Etsy store with all of our crafts. I’ve also been making a lot of Christmas gifts this year. It’s such a great feeling to know I MADE it rather than just bought it, you know?

2. Panera


I’m addicted to their macaroni and cheese. I’ve been going almost once a week lately. I also really love the vibe of Panera. It feels like a productive yet social hub and I can’t get enough of it.

3. Fortune Cookie Soap


I have yet to buy anything from this company, but that hasn’t stopped me from almost daily trips to their website to stare at their beautiful fortune cookie shaped soaps. I’m hoping for a holiday sale or something so I can convince myself that it’s ok for a little treat.

4. Corgis


Still obsessed. Still want one badly.

5. Christmas Decorations


The end of November marks the time of year when everyone is putting up lights and decorating Christmas trees. I love it!

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

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