In Turn: My Experiences as a Non-Profit Intern #2

The Thanksgiving break kept me away from the ReStore for a few weeks. I didn’t mind the break, but at the same time I like doing work for the store. During my drive in this morning I dealt with a consistent rain that would later begin turning into snow. My eagerness for the day quickly faded.

One thing that’s really become apparent over the few times I’ve worked at the ReStore: there are a lot of characters here. Once I got to the store I was greeted eagerly by the manager who is always more than willing to sit around and talk for hours on end. He spills company problems and turmoil like he’s merely talking about what he’s had for breakfast that morning. He means well I’m sure. The most interesting of the characters thus far has been who I’ve concluded must be the assistant manager. I’ll provide you with a very similar image of what he looks like.


He literally wanders the store in his cowboy hat looking as if he’s lost his trusty steed. Every conversation I’ve had with him is about some guy who keeps putting passwords on the computer I use to work on the marketing. He adamantly informs me each time that he will wipe the computer again if he does it another time. I feign sympathy and wait till he tires his cowboy-self out with his rant.

This place is interesting. I like people with character.


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