Is Blogging Dead?!

I’ve had this wordpress for a good number of years now and although I occasionally disappear, I’ve kept it fairly consistent. Yet in the past month or so it’s become apparent that all the blogs I used to avidly read (see my BlogRoll for examples) have stopped producing new content. Some have newest posts dating all the way back to the beginning of 2012.

So is blogging dead? Is individual people who want to share things with the world no longer expressing themselves through personal blogs? Is everyone coping out for easier outlets like Tumblr and forgoing the wonderful (at least I think so) world of writing and creating new content?

I refuse to believe this. I’ve discovered that I don’t really care one way or another if my favorite bloggers have found new hobbies. I still really love writing up posts about my life, current obsessions, etc. for anyone and everyone to read. In the end I have this blog ultimately for myself. To get things out into the world and feel like I matter in some small way.

So I won’t be going anywhere even with the blogging world decaying around me. See you next time lovely readers.

One thought on “Is Blogging Dead?!

  1. I think some people stop writing, because of lack of time or interest, or even readers. I think everyone stops at some point. At least in case of personal blogs. But anyway, new come surely. WordPress doesn’t seem to die out.
    I’m one of probably many bloggers, who blog for themselves, just to make sure that some events won’t be forgotten 🙂

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