In Turn: My Experiences as a Non-Profit Intern #1

Yep. I’m back at it with yet another internship. I have a tendency to get internships really easily, but never ones that pay. This time however, I’m working for Habitat for Humanity. I’m excited to get some non-profit work in while building my resume.

Today is technically my second day. The resale store where I’m stationed at is 30 minutes away from my apartment (on a good day without traffic) and being a struggling college student like everyone else, I don’t have the gas money to come work more than once a week on location. So every Friday I get  up bright and early and make the drive here. During the rest of the week I work on things from home.

This internship is definitely a lot different from my other ones. It’s literally a resale shop ran under the Habitat for Humanity name. It looks like your average Goodwill or Salvation Army, but without clothing and with a LOT better furniture. I fight the urge to buy up all the cheaply priced yet good quality furniture on a daily basis.

My job as the intern here is to improve their online presence. Surprisingly enough, it’s not that bad to begin with; I’m just touching things up and updating things more regularly than had been done in the past.

The people here are incredibly interesting. I’m used to well dressed advertising agents or banking moguls at my internships. Here everyone is a volunteer and each person is quirky in their own way. It’s an odd bunch, yet I feel incredibly comfortable and at ease working with them. At least I know none of us are getting paid.

I have a feeling this internship is going to provide a lot of interesting stories to share with you all ( :


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