YouTube Channels I’ve Been Loving

I am a hard core YouTube junkie. Every single day I’m scrolling through my feed looking for videos from my favorite channels. Of course there are my classic favorites (e.g. vlogbrothers and  allthatglitters21), but as of late I’ve been on a hunt for new channels to love. Here’s a list of my most recent favorites.

1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This channel is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and has me literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode. They just recently revealed the actor playing Darcy and fans (like myself) have been freaking out ever since. If you enjoy Jane Austen and want to see how the writers and producers have incorporated video blogging into the classic story, you’ll love this.

2. missglamorazzi

A refreshingly not annoying beauty guru who I have really been enjoying. Since there are quite a lot of beauty channels on YouTube, it’s hard to find someone you really like that produces content you’re willing to watch. I have also found that some of the beauty gurus’ voices just annoy me, so it’s nice that I’ve found another channel to get my fashion/beauty fix.

3. NikkiPhillippi

Another channel that focuses on fashion and beauty, NikkiPhillippi is hilarious. She’s completely herself and doesn’t try to conform to the beauty guru mold. Although I’m not always interested in every single one of her videos, I enjoy her refreshing personality and her style is very similar to my own.

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