Everyday Organization: Keepsake Boxes

I’ve been blessed with the ability to do a lot of traveling at a fairly young age and have acquired a lot of keepsakes from my various travels. I struggled for a long time with how to organize all my trips in a clutter-free way. For years I just keep memories in plastic bags from gift shops. Only in the past year or so did I come up with the perfect way to store all my mementos.

These are 12×12 scrapbooking boxes you can find at any craft store. I chose different patterns for each trip so as to not get myself stuck when suddenly they no longer sell the pattern I had been buying. Since my bedroom in my apartment is pretty small, I keep them all stacked on the top shelf in my closet. They’re out of the way, but I still can see them and remember the awesome adventures I’ve had.

How do you organize your trip memories??


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