The End is Near: Graduation is Upon Me

A few days ago I scheduled out which classes to take for the next semester. In doing so I suddenly realized how insanely close I am to graduating. After the next semester I will only have two-three more classes to take, some of which I can finish during spring/summer semesters. All this means is I could very well be graduated by this time next year.

Needless to say ever since this realization I have been in full panic mode. These past few days my mind has been consumed with thoughts of the future. Where will I work? Should I go to graduate school? Am I going to move out-of-state? Why do I keep taking unpaid internships?

I’m fully aware that this existential crisis happens to basically everyone at this point in their college careers, but that has yet to bring me any true comfort. I constantly keep thinking about all the opportunities missed and how I should have networked more. On and on.

So in response to this level red panic I have done the only things I could think of. I’ve taken yet another unpaid internship (this time with Habitat for Humanity) with the hopes it could lead somewhere and I’ve started actively pursuing a study abroad lead. I think just knowing how close I am to the end has kicked my engines into overdrive. Here’s hoping I go somewhere with all this terror driven motivation.


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