Everyday Organization: Craft Supplies

Alex and I have been on this huge crafting kick the past few weeks and today the desire spilled over. However instead of making tons of things, I opted to collect all my crafting supplies together and get them organized so in the future it’ll be a lot easier when the crafting mood strikes. I gathered everything I had at my parents’ house and my apartment together and faced a daunting, messy task.

I managed to consolidate a lot of the supplies I have into two boxes: a three-drawer and a large tote. The three-drawer had already been organized before, so I just tidied the sections up a bit and cleared out anything that didn’t belong.

The main focus was on the remaining random scrapbooking supplies, craft scissors, knitting supplies, etc. Luckily I have a odd obsession with gathering boxes so I had plenty of smaller storage options within the larger tote.

The best part about this reorganization is seeing what I actually have. Alex and I have been brainstorming ideas for weeks, so seeing what supplies I already have makes it a lot easier to plan out future projects. Now all I have to do is label the boxes in the tote to increase the ease of finding things!

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