Greek Life: Convention Day 4

The morning came quite quickly and we were off on another busy day. After breakfast we boarded tour buses and headed into downtown Ann Arbor for a tour of notable locations and Theta Phi Alpha points of interest. We stopped at a cemetery where three of the sorority’s founders reside. It was a beautiful site to see sisters from many generations paying tribute to some of the women that made all of this possible.

A few stops later we found ourselves at the location of the first chapter house. Although different from the original house in 1912, it was still very moving to see where Theta Phi had its beginnings.

I didn’t spend much time exploring Ann Arbor seeing as I had been there a few weeks before celebrating my birthday. I had also discovered that morning that I had an assignment due for my online class tomorrow morning. Back to the hotel I went to work on the assignment. We then all got dressed in badge attire for the Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting Dinner. This dinner was different from the ones previous since more of my chapter sisters were going to be in attendance. It was so awesome to see them and share some of convention with them!

The rest of the evening was filled with Songfest and other shenanigans. There were photo booths, singing, giant letters, and ice cream.

It was a blast running around doing silly stuff with sisters, but we made sure to stop into the Archives exhibit to see some of the amazing history of Theta Phi Alpha. My favorite part was seeing the Chain of Chapters and finding Beta Lambda’s link. This week has really opened my eyes to how much bigger Theta Phi Alpha truly is than just my little chapter in Flint, Michigan. What a truly humbling experience.


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