Greek Life: Convention Day 3

To be honest, today was definitely not one of the more exciting, action-packed days of convention thus far, but it still had a quite a lot of merit. Waking up bright and early again, we had the typical breakfast foods, but the meal was slightly different than breakfasts prior. There was a memorial service for any recently deceased sisters that was incredibly touching and nearly had me in tears very early in the morning. then headed out to the giant wedding tent to practice ritual for the upcoming business meeting. The tent contained a flag for every chapter, colony, and alumni association of Theta Phi Alpha.

After we learned the ins and outs of the meeting about to take place, we went back into the convention center for the Siena Medal Luncheon.

Elizabeth Smart was the recipient of the award this year. She was the girl who was kidnapped and held hostage for over nine months back in 2002. She told us about the kidnapping, rape, and what she learned from the whole experience. It was such an amazing opportunity being able to hear her speak and I found myself riveted to every word coming out of her mouth. She was so sweet, so polite, and never in a million years deserved to have that happen to her. And yet she became an even better person because of it. I can only hope to be half the person she exuded standing up there in front of us.

Once lunch was over we headed back into the tent to conduct the five hour business session. Business sessions are private meetings so I won’t be discussing what happened, but we were able to take a few photos before the meeting started.

After a very tiring number of hours were finally over, it was time for the Celebrating Sisterhood dinner. The room was set up like a birthday party of sorts for Theta Phi, with party hats and all. Dinner was decent (chicken yet again) and we were all given birthday cupcakes for dessert.

The awards followed dinner and each chapter got awarded with a certificate of achievement listing any sort of accomplishments from the past two years. Then the big awards were handed out. My chapter, Beta Lambda, sat there as other chapters received all sorts of amazing awards. We were not expecting to get anything when all of a sudden our name was called to receive an award for recruitment and pledge sister retention. Our utter shock was incredibly audible.

The awards wrapped up and just like previous nights, I retired to the room to write this blog post and get some sleep. A fun day of tours and free time are in store tomorrow.


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