Greek Life: Convention Day 2

When my feet hit the floor this morning they were going non-stop for the entire day. Never has so much been packed into a day; bringing a whirlwind of emotions on top of a mix of exhaustion and inspiration. After a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and various pastries, I took part in initiating two very special people. The two women we initiated into Theta Phi Alpha were actually related to one of the original founders. It was a moving ritual that invested my heart a little deeper into TPA.

Lunch was the first time during convention I didn’t like what was being offered, but we had eaten not long before so it really was no big deal. I spent some money on various Theta Phi at the penguin shoppe and then got ready for the Centennial Banquet.

We left the hotel for this meal and headed into Ann Arbor to the Michigan University Union. The hall was absolutely beautiful, with the tables incredibly fancy. I never imagined convention to be so formal, fancy, and beautiful when I was envisioning the week in my mind.

The dinner was decent, but all the presentations and speeches afterward were what really made the evening a special one for me. Since we were celebrating TPA’s 100th birthday every attendee was given a box filled with goodies of companies also celebrating their 100th birthdays this year.

And then Mari Ann Callais, a past national president of Theta Phi Alpha gave the most amazing keynote speech I have ever heard. There were songs, stories from fellow sisters, laughs, and even a few tears. It brought out so many feelings of solidarity, understanding, and perseverance for me that I never thought were possible.

We took the buses back to the hotel and I was just so tired and overwhelmed from everything (plus it was after 10pm) that I decided to spend some time alone to reflect and then head to bed.

I’m positive this experience is changing me with every minute spent here.


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