Greek Life: Convention Day 1

The day started bright and early at 6am. Luckily I had done the bulk of my packing the night before so I only had to put in the things I had to use that morning. Our chapter President Nicole picked me up and then we went to get our Fundraising Chair Candice. After turning around twice for forgotten items we were on our way to the airport to greet sisters.

Approaching sisters at the airport was a little nerve-racking, but as soon as they saw our letters everyone was excited to see each other. Already in the spirit of convention, we took some photos.

We got to the convention center/hotel around noon and after struggling to get our giant suitcases out of the trunk we checked in.

After check in we got ourselves situated in our room and then put our first badge attire on. We then headed to our pre-convention workshops.

The workshops were informative and entertaining, but I was starving by the end of the three hour meeting. Luckily dinner was delicious.

There was another meeting after dinner followed by a hospitality suite with snacks. I was exhausted from the intense day and didn’t stay long before heading up to the room, took notes about ideas learned from the workshops, and headed to bed. I’m very excited to see what tomorrow has in store.

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