Greek Life: The Eve of Convention

Since I am Vice President of my chapter of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, I was given an all-expenses paid trip to our national convention in Ann Arbor, MI. I’ve never been to a convention before, and it so happens that this year is TPA’s 100th birthday. So if there was ever a convention to attend it would be this one.

I’m excited and nervous because it’s a whole week-long experience I’ve never had before. Packing was stressful because there are a lot of business attire events to attend. I just don’t know what to expect.

I know I’ve been given a very amazing opportunity to learn more about Theta Phi Alpha beyond my own chapter and I hope that I’m able to get past my anxiety and enjoy the week.

All photos are mine or were created by me.

2 thoughts on “Greek Life: The Eve of Convention

  1. You will love the experience of National Convention!!! See you there! Yours in the bonds of sisterhood, Cathy Billoni 🙂

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