An Interesting Story:

I am parking my car outside of my apartment complex after taking my teller training exam when I see this little boy. He looks really young and is bawling his eyes out. Before I even know what I’m doing I’m out of my car going over to him. He’s screaming for his mother who is no where in sight. I approach the boy cautiously and try to calm him down. I ask him where his mother is and he responds that he doesn’t know. I have a lost kid on my hands.

After a few more comforting words I ask the little boy his name and tell him mine. I ask him if I can hold his hand so we can find his mother and off we go around the neighborhood in search. The boy seems to know which building he lives in but when we get there he seems confused. He keeps telling me that he lives in an apartment with a six. I try to explain to him that all the apartments in the nearby buildings have sixes in their numbers. We knock on a few doors, but no mother.

I decide that they only thing I can do is take him to the front office and leave it to them to find his mother. We walk down the main road and I’m asking him about what he had for breakfast and his favorite type of cereal when I see a woman running towards us. She’s shocked to see her son wandering the neighborhood since her husband was supposed to be watching him when she went for a run. She thanks me and takes the boy back inside quickly without another word.

What surprises me most about the whole situation is how calmly I reacted to it. I took immediate action when I know a lot of people these days would have completely overlooked the child. I’m glad we found his mother and he’s safe.

What a day.


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