In Turn: My Experiences as a Banking Intern #2

I’m almost two weeks into the program at this point and I am completely loving it. At the start of last week I attended the usual orientation sessions filled with ice-breakers and team building. Although those days weren’t necessarily fun, at the end of the week I went to the branch I will be working at to meet everyone and do observations. I seriously adore everyone at the branch. I can’t believe how nice they were to me and how willing they were to just let me into their club of sorts. By the end of the week I was gossiping with fellow employees a number of years older than me  just like I would my college friends. I didn’t want to leave but I had to go to teller training so I could learn how to actually do something while I am at the branch.

The thought of teller training terrified me when I was first informed that’s what we would be doing this first summer. Yet today marked the third day of five and I am actually really enjoying myself. I found ways to overcome my math impairment and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. There are so many little details to the process that it keeps my detail-orientated mind entertained and I find myself itching to complete transactions. I think I may be becoming a banker…

The final exam to get certified as a teller is on Friday, then back to the branch on Monday. How fast time is going; it’ll really start to feel worth it when I see that first paycheck.

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