In Turn: My Experiences as a Banking Intern #1

I bet you’re thinking, “I thought it you were interning for an advertising agency!?” Well my time at the agency has come to a close after I completed my 150 hours. I made a number of fantastic connections while I was there that will hopefully lead to many great opportunities in the future (like being the production coordinator on a documentary this summer and doing some modeling in the fall perhaps?! I’ll keep you posted!) I am now an intern with a bank; one of the first interns to be part of a new program that was started between the bank and the university. (Just for security’s sake I won’t name names when talking about this internship like I did with the advertising one!)

I’m a communications major with a focus in advertising and public relations, so what the heck am I doing working at a bank!? I’m still not too sure myself, but the opportunity presented itself and I wasn’t about to pass up something that could be huge for my future. So although I don’t fit the usual bank intern bill, they accepted me into the program all the same. My hope is to find a way to apply what I have been learning and am passionate about to the banking industry instead.

So needless to say my summer will be non-existent. The program lasts right up to the start of fall semester and is basically a full time (paid!!) job. This summer I’ll basically be working as a teller (we will see how that goes…) and if I do well and they want me to return for the second summer of the program I’ll be trained as a personal banker…but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

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