Why April 2012 Has Been the Best Month of My Life

It’s not an exaggeration. Hands down this month has kicked some serious ass.

1. I became Vice President of my sorority.

2. After 7 long interviews I got accepted into a 2-year paid summer internship with Citizens Bank.

3. A photograph I took is being published in my sorority’s national magazine after it has spread across Facebook making an appearance on walls of sisters I have never met.

4. My Greek Guide blog is getting even more publicity by having a little blurb in my sorority’s national magazine.

5. I was given the role of “Production Coordinator” for an upcoming commercial shoot being done by the advertising agency I’m interning for.

6. I recently found out that the before-mentioned Production Coordinator position is paid. An awesome bonus seeing as I was going to do it for free.

7. My unpaid side internship I have with the Downtown Development Authority has the potential of becoming paid.

8. I am the new graphic design/layout editor for my university’s newspaper.

9. The producer of the commercials for the advertising agency has given me the opportunity to get training as a producer and work on larger scale projects (like a documentary) for pay.

10. I’ve won some award I never applied for or even knew about through the university rec center where I lifeguard at.

What’s really interesting is the fact that my older sister has been having just as much luck as I have been having this month! It’s so unbelievable how fortunate I’ve been lately. April has been good to me, but I have been working my ass off this entire semester to get my foot in the door of a lot of different opportunities. If April has shown me anything it’s that hard work pays off (as cheesy as that sounds).


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