How Social Networking Makes Breaking Up Even Worse Than it Already Is: A List

Breaking up sucks in general, but social networking does an awesome job at making it an even worse experience:

1. Removing the relationship on Facebook: Even if you’re crafty and use privacy settings to make it not show up on news feeds, people are still going to know. Facebook creeping is a popular hobby and people are just too good at it.

2. The pity wall posts: They suck. And are blatantly obvious.

3. Having to go to all the sites where you were following your now ex and decide if you still want to: This is rough for me because I still want to stay in touch, but I rather not see them posting things that used to be OUR things. I usually eliminate all connections or hide them from feeds.

4. Everyone eventually finding out and giving you pity hugs and terrible pep talks: I try my hardest to keep my personal life private and only tell my closest friends about things that happen. Thanks to social networking though I can only succeed at this so much.

5. The nosy questions over everything you post: You could just be innocently posting a really good quote, but of course people will be blowing up your phone or facebook messaging you to get the dirt on if it’s about your breakup. People just want gossip, they don’t actually care.

It’s times like these that I would love for social networking to not exist, when letters were still a popular way to communicate, and you were able to personally share news to the people you wanted to.

Breakups suck, but I honestly think all the other shit that comes with it sucks more.



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