Why I’ll Make a Point to Not Talk in Great Detail About Boyfriends in the Future

To avoid shitty posts like this one where I have to talk about how he and I just broke up (or rather “took a break”) earlier tonight.

I think it’ll be better for clarity and my sanity to just refrain from any overly detailed posts about my personal life. Irony has a way of swooping in at the worst times (or best depending on if you’re on irony’s side) to make me look like a complete idiot. I literally just decided to share more about Logan, and now the only thing I have to share is the end of the relationship.

Obviously I’m upset. I’m writing this from my old bedroom at my parents’ house because I couldn’t take being in my bedroom where we were right before I had the biggest shock I’ve probably ever had (I didn’t see it coming AT ALL). It’s weird being here but really nice to just get distance from everything.

I know from personal experience and advice from many that it’ll get easier and I’ll find a new guy and all that blah blah blahs, but I’m sad now, and I’m going to let myself be sad.


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